Were Paul and Eli the same person in there will be blood?

Were Paul and Eli the same person in there will be blood?

7. PAUL AND ELI SUNDAY WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE TWINS. In the film, Paul Dano plays twins Paul and Eli Sunday, but the brothers weren’t written as twins. Dano was originally cast in the smaller role of Paul Sunday, who visits Plainview to tell him about the oil under his family’s property in Little Boston, California.

Was real oil used in There Will Be Blood?

Paul Thomas Anderson says of this, “It was delicious. It was Plainview on a platter.” Paul Thomas Anderson told Entertainment Weekly magazine that the fake oil used throughout the movie included “the stuff they put in chocolate milkshakes at McDonald’s.”

Why did Daniel beat up Eli in there will be blood?

Daniel killed his own step-brother because he felt betrayed by him, he disowned his own son because he felt threatened by his business ventures, and finally at the end of the movie, Daniel kills Eli as an act of taking revenge. The whole of the last scene of the movie essentially revolves around vengeance.

What does Plainview whisper to Eli?

Right after the baptism, religious music plays and we see Daniel facing away from camera say something to Eli, who then looks horrified. I’m guessing either “there will be blood” or something along the lines of “I’m going to eat you”, as he later yells “I told you I would eat you!”

Who was supposed to play Eli Sunday in there will be blood?

The profile by Lynn Hirschberg about Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “There Will Be Blood” revealed that during the shoot, the original actor slated to play Eli Sunday was fired, leading to Paul Dano having to double his work as both Paul and Eli Sunday.

Who was Daniel Day lewis’nemesis in there will be blood?

Kel O’Neill. Actor Kel O’Neill was the original actor hired to play Eli Sunday, a.k.a. the nemesis of Daniel Day Lewis’ Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. But according to The New York Times Magazine, O’Neill had to be replaced about halfway through the film’s 60-day shoot.

Why are Daniel and Eli brothers in there will be blood?

Another explanation lies in Daniel’s view of family. He accepted H.W. as his son, as he had control over the child. As H.W. became autonomous, he withdrew from Daniel, destroying Daniel’s attempt at family. Eli arrives, telling that he and Daniel are now brothers-H.W. had married Eli’s younger sister.

Who was removed from the set of there will be blood?

Actor Kel O’Neill finally sets the record straight on what led him to be removed from the set of “There Will Be Blood.” Most people remember “ There Will Be Blood ” as Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis ’ Oscar-winning masterpiece, but Kel O’Neill probably isn’t one of them.