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Were Naruto and Hinata supposed to end up together?

Were Naruto and Hinata supposed to end up together?

Given Hinata’s connection to Naruto so early in her introduction, some fans might have thought that she was always meant to be Naruto’s love interest, but that’s not the case. He revealed that he made the decision to have Naruto and Hinata find their happy ending together because of Hianta’s faith in Naruto.

What episode do Naruto and Hinata actually get married?

“Naruto’s Wedding” (ナルトの結婚, Naruto no Kekkon) is episode 494 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Why did Sakura hate Naruto?

1 HATED HER: Mistreated Naruto When Naruto was just a little boy, Sakura actually mocked Naruto for being an orphan, something over which Naruto had no control whatsoever.

When did Naruto start having feelings for Hinata?

Yes, it happened. But there was no specific time when Naruto started having feelings for Hinata. It all happened over time due to a series of events. When Naruto was Young, He often Rushed Things and missed obvious things such as Hinata’s constant shyness around him. Hinata loved Naruto since he wasn’t known and was lonely.

Why is Hinata always wearing a scarf in Naruto?

Unfortunately for Hinata, Naruto is given a scarf before hers and takes to wearing it all the time. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Reasons Naruto Should Have Ended Up With Sakura (& 5 Why Hinata Was The Right Choice

What was the mission of Hinata and Kiba in Naruto?

Noticing that lately Naruto, Hinata, and [&Kiba&] have been a rather low success rate in their ninja [&missions&], Tsunade decided to give them one final chance to succeed or be sent back to the academy to restart their training. Their [&mission&] was to retrieve a hidden treasure.

Why did Hinata help Naruto in the Chunin Exam?

In the first part of the Chunin Exams, Hinata noticed that Naruto was struggling with the exam questions and offered to show him her answers. Though Naruto was relieved to have someone like Hinata looking out for him, he ultimately declined so that she wouldn’t get in trouble for helping him cheat.