Should I drill a hole in my smashed fingernail?

Should I drill a hole in my smashed fingernail?

Introduction: How to Drain Your Subungual Hematoma (blood Pocket Under Finger-nail) With a Drill Bit. So, the best thing to do is drain the blood pocket under the nail and relieve the pressure build-up.

How do you make a hole in a smashed nail?

How to Drain Blood From Under a Nail

  1. Straighten a paper clip, and heat the tip in a flame until it is red-hot.
  2. Place the tip of the paper clip on the nail and let it melt through.
  3. Do not push or apply pressure on the paper clip.
  4. Go slowly, and reheat the clip as necessary.

How do you treat a smashed fingernail?

Common methods for immediate relief include:

  1. icing or applying ice to the area.
  2. resting.
  3. elevation.
  4. taking oral anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen (Advil)
  5. applying pain-relief creams.
  6. cleaning and covering the injury.
  7. moving the injured area gently.

Should I drain blood under my nail?

If blood is spontaneously draining from the hematoma, drainage of subungual hematoma is generally not required. You should not try draining your subungual hematoma at home as improper drainage may result in infections or permanent damage to the nail bed.

Does it hurt to drill your nail?

It’s not a painful procedure at all. Very little pressure is required for the rotating bit to grind its way through the nail at 25,000 rpm. My clinical nail drill is far too big to be lugged around; and needs to be plugged into the electricity to work.

How long does it take for blood under nail to heal?

A minor subungual hematoma usually heals over time without treatment. The trapped blood will eventually be reabsorbed, and the dark mark will disappear. This can take 2–3 months for a fingernail, and up to 9 months for a toenail.

Should you drain a smashed nail?

How do you keep a smashed nail from falling off?

Trim off the detached part of a large tear, or leave the nail alone.

  1. Cover the nail with tape or an adhesive bandage until the nail has grown out enough to protect the finger or toe.
  2. If you trim off the detached nail, you will have less worry about the nail catching and tearing.

Do bruised nails always fall off?

Recovery. Unless the area of bleeding is very small, an affected nail will usually fall off on its own after several weeks because the pooled blood has separated it from its bed.

Why does nail fall off after injury?

When injured, the toenail will often appear black or purple as blood collects under the nail, which is called subungual hematoma. The blood puts pressure on the nail, which may fall off after several weeks.

How long does it take for a smashed fingernail to grow out?

In most cases, though, your fingernail will remain in place, but you may notice discoloration around the site of the injury. The bruise will remain visible for a few months until the affected portion of the nail grows out. If you suspect that your nail may fall off, or the bruise is visible on 50 percent or more of the nail, call your doctor.

What’s the best way to treat a smashed fingernail?

Apply alcohol by pouring a small amount on a cotton ball to clean the surface of the fingernail and then let it dry. Straighten and sterilize the paperclip. Use a set of pliers to straighten the paperclip completely. Then, dip one end of the paperclip in rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.

How to tell if you have a smashed finger?

Any trauma or injury to your finger can lead to: 1 severe finger pain, especially aching and throbbing pain 2 inflammation (pain, redness, and swelling) 3 difficulty using the finger tip 4 loss of sensation in the finger tip 5 bruising and color change of the skin and fingernail 6 stiffness in your finger More

How to get rid of pain from a smashed finger?

Immediate relief 1 Rest 2 Ice 3 Elevate 4 Use over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications 5 Clean and cover open wounds 6 Make sure you can move your finger 7 Use pain-relieving creams and herbal remedies