Is York Uni good for history?

Is York Uni good for history?

We are proud to be ranked in the top 50 in the world for History (QS World University Rankings 2021). We are 2nd in the UK for research performance (Times Higher Education’s ranking of the Research Excellence Framework 2014).

Who is Gerard McCann?

Gerard McCann is a Senior Lecturer in International Studies at St Mary’s University College (Queen’s University, Belfast). He is Director of the Global Dimension in Education project and co-ordinates partnership initiatives with universities in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

When was the University of York founded?

University of York/Founded
Founded in 1963, the University of York has quickly become one of the world’s leading universities, carving out a reputation as an academic powerhouse with a clear focus on excellence in teaching, research and innovation.

Can you do a history degree without history A level?

There are no specific A-levels required for a history degree, but common choices include history, English literature, classics, and ancient history. Even a history A-level is not essential.

What is the history of York?

York was founded in 71 AD when Cerialis and the Ninth Legion constructed a military fortress (castra) on flat ground above the River Ouse near its junction with the River Foss. The fortress was later rebuilt in stone, covered an area of 50 acres, and was inhabited by 6,000 soldiers.

Is a history degree difficult?

It requires hard work and long hours spent writing essays and reading, but because of its flexibility you can study what you are really interested in, thus making the workload seem somewhat less agonising.

How many history students get a first?

The highest number of first class degrees on record were handed out last year, with almost one in three students graduating with top marks amid concern about grade inflation. Of those who completed undergraduate degrees last summer, 110,475 students across the UK (28 per cent) were awarded a first.

Is the University of York Department of History in the world?

The Department of History maintains its place in the world top 50. The Department of History is now inviting expressions of interest for the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships.

Can you get a MA in modern history at York?

More… Chat with staff and current students to find out what postgraduate study at York is really like. Our MA in Modern History combines an advanced level introduction to the methodologies and techniques of modern history with a wide range of thematic modules exploring the 18th to 20th centuries.

How many people work at University of York?

One of the foremost centres of historical research and practice in the UK, our department comprises more 50 members of academic and research staff, supported by an experienced team of professional support staff.

Is the University of York a research based University?

York is a research based university so module options reflect lecturers interests and specialities as much as possible. The fees and funding figures below are for 2021/22 entry. If you take a year abroad or year in industry you’ll pay a reduced rate of fees for that year