Is Third Bridge a legit company?

Is Third Bridge a legit company?

Third Bridge is a legitimate and reputable global business, profiled on Bloomberg as a business that “offers human insights and unfiltered market intelligence to private equity firms, hedge funds, and consultants.” Their board and team member profiles are available to view on Crunchbase, along with financial data and …

What is Third Bridge consulting?

Third Bridge is a global research firm disrupting the traditional investment research market, providing some of the world’s largest hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds and management consultancies with unique, human-led insights to help them make better investment decisions.

Why work for Third Bridge?

At Third Bridge, our belief is that success is a product of talent, hard work and investment in people. As a result, we are dedicated to providing the opportunities, training and tools to support career growth. If you are looking for a role at a fast-paced, innovative company, then look no further.

What is it like working at AlphaSights?

The overall experience working for AlphaSights was fantastic — they provided resume building workshops, hosted team and office events, and allowed their summer associates to experience different segments throughout the team.

How does third bridge make money?

Clients pay per-seat subscriptions to access Third Bridge’s growing database of call transcripts. Our expert sources mention that it represents ~25% of Third Bridge’s revenues, and the lions’ share of its net profit.

How much does third bridge cost?

The average rate for most experts ranges between $250 to $500/hour, with a typical expert offering 2+ years of experience at a specific company.

What is the business model of third bridge?

Third Bridge business areas The company combines a large database with custom recruiting, promoted in two business areas: Connections, a standard expert network operation with phone calls, surveys, project recruiting etc.

Is it difficult to get a job at AlphaSights?

They offer 401K matching, subsidized lunch, cell phone reimbursement, company parties, and some gym discounts. 3) The last and arguably most important major con about working at AlphaSights is that it can be incredibly difficult to find other career opportunities after being at the company for a few years.

Is AlphaSights a pyramid scheme?

They are a scam. They get you through facebook or other social media. look for desperate people or bored housewife looking for some passive income.

What does third bridge pay consultants?

Third Bridge Consulting Rates An experienced adviser with a lot of high-end industry expertise can get $500 per hour once they demonstrate their expertise and marquee talent (former CEO’s, TedX speakers, etc.) can command rates of over $1000 per hour.

Is AlphaSights a good company to work for?

1) While AlphaSights is a great business, it’s not a great place to work. The product is incredibly low tech, and the burden of doing work manually falls on the lowest level employees — the associates and the managers. These valuable things are nearly impossible to find at AlphaSights.

How much do AlphaSights experts get paid?

If you’ve been working for only a handful of years for a particular company or sector, you might set an hourly rate between $100 – $150/hour with AlphaSights. Seasoned members can charge up to $300 – $500 an hour, while major corporate players might ask for thousands of dollars.

What is it like to work at third bridge?

Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it’s like to work at Third Bridge, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. This is the Third Bridge company profile. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Third Bridge.

How many Forum interviews does third bridge do?

Third Bridge’s industry-specialised research team conducts over 7,000 Forum Interviews per year, covering over 6,000 private and public companies. Each 15-page Interview transcript provides relevant perspectives to help our clients make better investment decisions.

Who is the VP of account management at third bridge?

Third Bridge Career Stories: Saachi Mehta, VP, Account Management Saachi started her journey with #TeamThirdBridge five years ago, beginning as a recent graduate. Before long, Saachi had progressed to become a senior member of the Account Management team, having developed her skills in a range of client-facing roles.

Do you pay too much for third Bridge Consulting?

They pay very little for the value you are giving their clients, and I am sure Third bridge hourly rates are substantially higher than what a consultant will get. They did not represent the information being requested properly, indicated it was industry research, but in fact the client wanted other information.