Is there strategy in Ticket to Ride?

Is there strategy in Ticket to Ride?

The game does not have any dice, and players can choose what cards to take on their turn. Even still, Ticket to Ride has a significant amount of luck involved. This means that no strategy is guaranteed to win all of the time, or even most of the time.

What is the best strategy for Ticket to Ride Europe?

With that said, the most optimal strategy is:

  1. At the beginning of the game, dump any Western Europe tickets.
  2. Claim the 8-car track and any viable 6-car tracks.
  3. Complete your routes.
  4. Get down to 2 cars left as fast as possible by claiming 4-car tracks.

What is the best Ticket to Ride board game?

14 Best Ticket To Ride Board Game Versions & Expansions

  1. 10th Anniversary Edition.
  2. Map Collection Volume 5: United Kingdom & Pennsylvania.
  3. USA 1910 Expansion.
  4. Germany (Zug um Zug Deutschland)
  5. Map Collection Volume 2: India & Switzerland.
  6. Asia: Map Collection Volume 1.
  7. Nordic Countries.
  8. Europa 1912 Expansion.

Which Ticket to Ride game should I buy first?

You can’t go wrong starting with Ticket to Ride: Europe – it’s the perfect place to start. There’s a Ticket to Ride map for all sorts; with Nordic Countries for smaller groups, Nederland if you’re chasing higher scores and Asia for people who enjoy working together.

How do you win a train?

Playing trains

  1. Get the one route connections early.
  2. Get cities with only two connections early.
  3. Play trains several turns in a row.
  4. Play trains in different areas.
  5. Grab start and end destinations for long routes early.
  6. Grab the short grey routes.
  7. Figure out other players tickets (and don’t give away yours!)

What’s a good score in Ticket to Ride?

Following this as close as possible, you should be able to beat 200, and eventually eclipse your wife’s score of 250. It’s going to take a little luck, but this seems like the best blueprint. The range of possible scores in Ticket to Ride is 635. The minimum is -340, and the maximum is 295.

Why is Ticket to Ride board game so expensive?

Larger companies with well-established games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride produce thousands of games and expansion packs every year, which means they can have slightly lower retail costs. However, a smaller game like Everdell may have a harder time offsetting the cost and so the price goes up.

Who wins in Ticket to Ride?

In Ticket to Ride, the game ends when a player has 2 or fewer trains left at the end of their turn. At which point, every player (including them) gets one final turn.

What is a good score in Ticket to Ride?

What’s the best strategy to play ticket to ride?

Ticket to Ride is a modern classic board game about trains published by Days of Wonder. Each game feels unique because the ticket cards you draw are different which influences your objectives. With so many routes to victory, what is the best Ticket to Ride strategy and how can you win Ticket to Ride every time you play?

How long does it take to play ticket to ride?

Ticket to Ride games can be completed in 30-40 minutes. The game play consists of three moves which make Ticket to Ride easy to learn for players of most ages. This is a family favorite on Sunday afternoons, particularly on rainy days or on cold snowy days. We can usually play 4 to 5 time before the night is over.

How many tickets do you need to win ticket to ride?

At the beginning of the game, you will draw three destination tickets. These routes are of varying lengths (requiring varying numbers of matching colored cards), and each discrete route marked on the board can be claimed by only a single player.

What happens at the end of ticket to ride?

This game is a “cross-country train adventure” according to the Ticket To Ride rules. At the end of the game you count up the number of points for your routes, add the points for your completed destination cards and subtract points for those that haven’t been completed, then add in any points from special bonus cards that you’ve earned.