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Is The White Princess about Queen Elizabeth?

Is The White Princess about Queen Elizabeth?

Adapted from Philippa Gregory’s bestselling novel of the same name, The White Princess centres on the marriage of Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII.

Who was The White Princess of England?

Elizabeth Woodville
Elizabeth Woodville, The White Queen. In the 1400s Britain was embroiled in a civil war known as the Cousins War, or the Wars of the Roses.

What happens to Elizabeth in The White Princess?

Elizabeth herself passed away in 1503, so she didn’t live to see any more of her adult children die; she also didn’t live to see Henry VIII take over the throne, as her husband died after her as well. Regardless, The White Princess ended on a somewhat ominous note about Elizabeth’s children.

Why is Elizabeth called The White Queen?

Here, Elizabeth’s arrival was met with silence rather than the typical tolling of bells. Soon after, the “White Queen” of England, so-called for her links with the royal House of York, as represented by the emblem of the white rose, was buried without receiving any of the traditional funerary rites.

Is White Princess historically accurate?

It is neither accurate nor inaccurate per se, but there was little to no written documentation for how Elizabeth conducts herself. Jodie Comer, who plays Elizabeth, is quoted saying that because there was so little written on the monarch, she used it to her advantage as an actress.

What comes after white princess?

The Spanish Princess
The White Princess (miniseries)

The White Princess
Preceded by The White Queen
Followed by The Spanish Princess
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What comes first white princess or White Queen?

The series started with “The White Queen,” followed by “The White Princess,” and the first season of “The Spanish Princess.”

Is the White Princess historically accurate?

Does The White Princess follow The White Queen?

The White Princess is a historical drama television miniseries developed for Starz. It is a sequel to the 2013 miniseries The White Queen, which adapted three of Gregory’s previous novels, and begins immediately where The White Queen finished.

Who is Elizabeth of York in the White Princess?

Here’s what Starz’s new royal series gets right about the Queen, and everything they get wrong. When the Starz series The White Princess premieres on Sunday night, lovers of costume drama will find themselves caught up in the life of Elizabeth of York, a woman who was perhaps best known as the mother of Henry VIII.

Who was the king in the White Princess?

Although he died before the historical events depicted in The White Princess, Richard III still casts a significant shadow over the drama. In her original story, Gregory builds on the speculation that the king was the lover of Elizabeth of York before her marriage to Henry VII, and also suspected of murdering the two sons of the dowager queen.

Who is the author of the White Princess?

Adapted from Philippa Gregory’s bestselling novel of the same name, The White Princess centres on the marriage of Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII.

Who is Prince Richard in the White Princess?

In the drama, rumours circulate that Elizabeth of York’s long-lost brother Prince Richard, son of Edward IV and his queen Elizabeth Woodville, is alive and planning to take the throne. ‘Lizzie’ is forced to choose between her new husband and a boy who could be her own blood and the rightful Yorkist king.