Is the needles chairlift open?

Is the needles chairlift open?

The site is open 10:00am – 4:00pm daily, however some offering is subject to weather conditions, and opening times change throughout the year. Buy one book of supersaver tickets for £9 and get 12 tickets worth £1 each that can be used on all The Needles rides.

How old is the needles chairlift?

The Chairlift at Alum Bay was opened in 1973 and has a capacity of 500 passengers per hour in each direction and to date well over 12 million people have used it.

Is the needles chairlift safe?

The view of the needles was fabulous, nevertheless, safety definitely comes first – I would recommend walking rather than using the chairlift. …

How much is the needles chairlift?

Guide Prices

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Chairlift One Way £3.00 per ticket
Chairlift Return £6.00 per ticket
Chairlift Unlimited Travel Wrist Band £9.00 per ticket
Games Kiosk – Per Game £2.00 per ticket

Can you see the needles without paying?

A visit to the Isle of White would not be complete without a trip to see the Needles. Drive back the way you came and follow the signs for the English Heritage car park – it’s free and a lovely walk up to the Needles. …

Do you have to pay to go to the needles?

Entry to The Needles is completely free of charge and you only pay to park your car during the main season, but if you’re visiting between April and October then our supersaver tickets are a great way to make savings on all your favourite activites.

Can you see the Needles without paying?

Can you walk down to the Needles?

Yes The Needles “Landmark Attraction”. The Needles themselves are free, you only have to pay the £5 car park charge, and if you wish to take the chairlift you pay for that too, but there are stairs down, and like everything on the IOW it’s linked with public footpaths.

What is the best way to see needles?

The Best Ways To See The Needles On The Isle Of Wight

  1. Take a boat trip out to The Needles.
  2. Visit the beach at Alum Bay.
  3. Go up to The Needles Old Battery and New Battery.
  4. Stroll along the cliff tops.
  5. Take a ride on the chairlift.
  6. Planning to see The Needles on the Isle of Wight.

Can you walk down to the needles?

Do you have to book the needles Isle of Wight?

The Needles Landmark Attraction has things to do for the whole family and we want to make sure you get the most from your Isle of Wight trip and to make your visit go as smoothly as possible. Don’t forget to grab your supersaver tickets on arrival to get a 25% discount on all our rides and attractions.

Where does the needles chairlift take you back to?

The chairlift takes you back to the top but before taking your return journey you can enjoy Alum Bay beach and a trip on the Pleasure Boat.

Is the needles chairlift on the Isle of Wight?

Our world famous Chairlift is currently undergoing its Winter Maintenance programme, preparing for the 2020 Season. Always a firm favourite with our visitors, the iconic Needles Chairlift is the best way to see the Isle of Wight’s most famous landmark.

Which is the best ride at the needles?

One of the kids’ favourite rides at The Needles is the Tea Cup Ride! Jump in your very own teacup which spins and whirls around. Spin your wheel to increase the pace or go gentle if you prefer a slower ride. Each cup can take up to 4 people so it’s great fun for all the family.

When did the bull wheel chair lift open?

Having been in almost continuous use since it opened in 1973, there were sections of the chairlift structure that needed critical refurbishment. The most striking of which was the main chair lift drive wheel or Bull Wheel.