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Is support a verb or adjective?

Is support a verb or adjective?

support (verb) support (noun) supporting (adjective) life support (noun)

Is support a noun or verb?

The English noun support derives from the verb support.

What type of verb is support?

support verb [T] (ENCOURAGE) to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed: My father supported the Democratic Party all his life.

How do you use support as a verb?

support somebody/something to hold someone or something in position; to prevent someone or something from falling a platform supported by concrete pillars Support the baby’s head when you hold it. She walked carefully down the stairs, supported by her grandson.

What is the verb of delivery?

transitive verb. 1 : to set free and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil — Matthew 6:13 (King James Version) 2a : to take and hand over to or leave for another : convey deliver a package. b : hand over, surrender delivered the prisoners to the sheriff delivered themselves over to God.

What is a good adjective for support?

Capable of being supported, upheld, maintained, or defended. Capable of being borne, endured, or tolerated; endurable.

Is prepare an action verb?

Prepare – To make ready for a particular purpose. Process – To subject to some special treatment; to handle in accordance with prescribed procedures. Program- To make a plan or procedure. Propose – To offer for consideration or adoption.

Is wish a transitive verb?

wish. 1[transitive] (not usually used in the present progressive tense) to want something to happen or to be true even though it is unlikely or impossible wish (that)… I wish I were taller.

Is support a verb?

support verb [T] (ENCOURAGE) to agree with and give encouragement to someone or something because you want him, her, or it to succeed: My father supported the LabourDemocratic Party all his life.

What is the verb from of advice?

verb (used with object), ad·vised, ad·vis·ing. to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following: I advise you to be cautious. to recommend as desirable, wise, prudent, etc.: He advised secrecy for the sake of national security. to give (a person, group, etc.)

Is deliver a adjective?

Delivery can be an adjective or a noun.

What does ppm stand for in project management?

PPM provides program and project managers in large, program/project-driven organizations with the capabilities needed to manage the time, resources, skills, and budgets necessary to accomplish all interrelated tasks.

What’s the difference between ppm and parts per million?

ppm is an abbreviation of parts per million. ppm is a value that represents the part of a whole number in units of 1/1000000. ppm is dimensionless quantity, a ratio of 2 quantities of the same unit. For example: mg/kg. One ppm is equal to 1/1000000 of the whole: 1ppm = 1/1000000 = 0.000001 = 1×10-6. One ppm is equal to 0.0001%:

How to convert ppm to percent in a calculator?

How to convert ppm to percent. 1% = 1/100.

How to calculate the concentration of ppm in MG?

Then the concentration C in ppm is equal to 1000000 times the solute mass msolute in milligrams (mg) divided by the solution mass msolution in milligrams (mg): C(ppm) = 1000000 × msolute (mg) / msolution (mg)