Is St Thomas in the USA?

Is St Thomas in the USA?

Saint Thomas, chief island of the U.S. Virgin Islands, in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It lies 40 miles (64 km) east of Puerto Rico. The island is volcanic, rising to a maximum elevation of 1,550 feet (474 metres); a chain of rugged hills with little vegetation runs east-west.

Where is St Thomas USA?

the U.S. Virgin Islands
Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
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Location Caribbean Sea
Coordinates 18°20′N 64°55′WCoordinates: 18°20′N 64°55′W

Is St Thomas safe for tourists?

St. Thomas is a very safe island. It is a protectorate territory of the United States, and because of this the same laws and rules are obeyed that would be expected in any U.S. city back in North American mainland.

What language is spoken in St Thomas Virgin Islands?

The official and most widely spoken language in the Virgin Islands is English. The literacy rate in the Virgin Islands is around 90-95%. It is common to hear French Creole and Spanish spoken, particularly on St.

Can you drink water in St. Thomas?

The water is safe to drink at most establishments. Your hotel or villa will tell you if they recommend against drinking tap water; if they don’t mention it you can ask. Bottled water is available in stores and at restaurants if you wish to purchase it.

What do you call someone from St Thomas?

People from the Virgin Islands are called Virgin Islanders and based on the island of residence are called St. Thomian, St. Johnian, Crucian and Water Islanders respectively.

What currency is used in Virgin Islands?

United States Dollar
U.S. Virgin Islands/Currencies

What are some fun things to do in St Thomas?

With so many beaches, coral reefs, historic ruins and hiking trails, there are several hours of exploration and things to do in St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. Between hiking and camping in the Virgin Islands National Park or enjoying water activities in the US Virgin Islands such as scuba diving, snorkeling,…

Is St Thomas US owned?

Only since 1917, when it was bought from Denmark for $25 million, has St. Thomas been owned by the United States. Although just 13 miles long and four miles wide, its 51,000 residents, which total half of all U.S. Virgin Islands residents, are a rich melting pot of many Caribbean cultures, including French Creole,…

Is St Thomas open to tourism?

The Lindbergh Bay Hotel on St. Thomas is one of the tourism properties expected to be ready to open when tourists return to the territory on November. (File photo from August, directly before the hurricanes hit.)

Is St Thomas in the Virgin Islands?

Saint Thomas ( Danish: Sankt Thomas) is one of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea and, together with Saint John, and Saint Croix , form a county and constituent district of the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), an unincorporated territory of the United States.