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Is seal clubbing cruel?

Is seal clubbing cruel?

Mary Richardson, a Canadian veterinary expert in humane slaughter methods, concluded that the commercial seal hunt is inherently inhumane because of the environment in which it operates and the speed at which the killing must be conducted.

How do natives kill seals?

Inuit also used nets to catch seal and in recent times, they used rifles rather than harpoons. When possible, Inuit hunted seal in open waters from kayaks, using a harpoon equipped with a sealskin float [68]. Central Inuit, including Copper, Netsilik and Iglulik, hunted year-round with techniques suited to the season.

Why do seals get clubbed?

To ensure that seals die quickly, it mandates that sealers target a seal’s head using high-powered rifles, clubs, or a hakapik—a wooden staff with a hook at the end. The sealer is then required to ensure that the animal is dead and to sever its arteries before skinning it.

Is seal clubbing a thing?

Why do hunters club seals? It’s safe and easy, and it preserves the seal’s valuable pelt. By law, you have to keep clubbing the seal in the forehead until you know for sure that it’s dead. Sealers are supposed to “palpate” a pup’s skull after they’ve clubbed it, to feel the caved-in bone beneath the skin and blubber.

What animal kills seals?

Land Predators In the Arctic region, polar bears and Arctic wolves are the natural predators of the seal. The seal is an important part of the of the diet for both species, due to the nutritious insulating layer of blubber seals have under their skin to help keep them warm in the cold climate.

Would a seal eat a human?

Diet and foraging Although rare, there are a few records of adult leopard seals attacking humans. There has also been one fatality, when a researcher was snorkelling in Antarctic waters and was killed by a leopard seal.

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