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Is Pompeii a pop song?

Is Pompeii a pop song?

“Pompeii” became the band’s breakthrough hit, peaking at number two on the UK Singles Chart and became the eleventh best-selling song that year and, until June 2014, was the country’s most streamed single of all time….Pompeii (song)

Genre Indie rock synth-pop
Length 3:34
Label Virgin
Songwriter(s) Dan Smith

Who wrote Pompeii by Bastille?

Dan Smith

What song made Bastille famous?

After an independently released debut single and a self-released EP, the band signed to Virgin Records. Their first studio album, Bad Blood, was released in March 2013 and entered the UK Albums Chart at number one and included the hit single “Pompeii” which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart.

What FIFA was Pompeii in?


Game Song Year
FIFA 16 Hangin’ 2015
Rock Band 4 (DLC) Pompeii 2015
Let’s Sing 2016 Pompeii 2016
FIFA 17 Send Them Off! 2016

Does Bastille use autotune?

The pre-chorus features something new for Bastille: auto-tune. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to add much to the track except a jarring robotic sound before such a pleasant chorus. Smith takes his lowered spirits and tries to lighten them in a relatable, catchy chorus.

Why is Pompeii called the Lost City?

Pompeii is referred to as the ”lost city” because no one knew the extent of how much it was buried until it was discovered in 1748.

When was the song Pompeii by Bastille released?

(2013) “Pompeii” is a song by British band Bastille. It is the fourth single from their debut studio album Bad Blood and was released on 11 January 2013. The song’s title and lyrics refer to the Roman town of the same name that was destroyed and buried in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

What kind of band sings the song Pompeii?

“Pompeii” is a song by English indie rock band Bastille.

Where was the Pompeii music video filmed at?

The official music video was filmed in Los Angelesand Palm Springs, California. It was directed by Jesse John Jenkins and produced by Tova Dann. The video was first released onto YouTube on 20 January 2013 at a total length of three minutes and fifty-two seconds. It currently has 615 million views, the highest out of all the band’s songs.

Where did the song Happier by Bastille go?

It was also successful worldwide, reaching the top ten in fifteen countries, including the United States where it peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Bastille’s most successful single to date, until ” Happier ” reached number two on both the UK and US charts in October 2018 and February 2019 respectively.