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Is NTU easier than NUS?

Is NTU easier than NUS?

NUS beats NTU for its reputation among academics, ranking 12th to NTU’s 39th. NUS also comes out on top for employer reputation, ranking an impressive 36 places above NTU. However, NTU is stronger than NUS for all the remaining indicators.

Who owns NTU?

Tan Lark Sye
Nanyang University

Active 1956–1980 (Merged with University of Singapore to form National University of Singapore)
Founder Tan Lark Sye
Location Singapore 1°20′33.9526″N 103°40′57.0083″ECoordinates: 1°20′33.9526″N 103°40′57.0083″E
Campus Urban 500 acres (2 km²)

What is Ger NTU?

GER-CORE courses are usually 1 AU courses taken online or are pre-registered courses included in your major’s curriculum structure. They are courses that cover the following areas: Communication Skills, Singapore Studies, Sustainability, Ethics, Enterprise and Innovation.

How do I check my ECA records NTU?

ECA records of your participation in hall activities are up! Please go to http://www.ntu.edu.sg/…/…/AdminServices/Pages/ECARecord.aspx to check and contact Joannas Yeow at [email protected] should you have any enquiries. Thank you!

Can you s u Gerpe NTU?

The student who obtains a ‘U’ grade for a course can retake the course. However, the ‘U’ grade that he gets for his first attempt will still remain in his academic record and will appear in the transcript issued by the University.

Can I visit NTU?

Large events at NTU will remain capped at 50 people. All non-essential events and those involving more than 50 people should shift online or remain postponed to a later date. Only business-related visitors will be allowed to campus. Campus tours and non-business-related visits remain suspended until further notice.

How do I check my NTU timetable?

Check your class schedule at https://wish.wis.ntu.edu.sg/webexe/owa/aus_schedule.main so that you know the courses you should register for and the time slots of these courses. 4. After checking your class schedule, you will now know the courses offered for the semester.


What are the rules and regulations for NTU?

Any resident who fails to comply with any of these rules and regulations will be evicted from the accommodations with immediate effect by the University and the balance of the accommodation fees will be forfeited. They will also be barred from NTU accommodation thereafter.

How is Nanyang Technological University-NTU Singapore?

Sergul Toh takes the road less travelled (and the occasional shuttle bus) in NTU and finds a campus that is at once familiar and startlingly new. With the advancements being made in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in NTU, how close are we to creating a human-like android?

When does academic year 2003-04 start at NTU?

Academic Year 2003-04 will commence on the Monday of the third week of July. For more details, please visit www.ntu.edu.sg/registrar/calendar.htm How many intakes are there ?

How does NTU students get a spoonful of interdisciplinary learning?

How NTU students get a spoonful of interdisciplinary learning, a dash of international exposure, a pinch of innovation, a sprinkling of industry know-how and research immersion, and an internship to taste. The fight against COVID-19 is a battle on all fronts.