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Is Hunter boats still in business?

Is Hunter boats still in business?

In 2012, David Marlow, head of Marlow Yachts in Palmetto, bought Hunter and some assets of Luhrs and Mainship for $1.9 million. He kept Mainship but has since sold Luhrs. Now renamed Marlow-Hunter, the sailboat operation is operating with 160 employees, down from the 430 it had in 2006-07.

What is a water ballast sailboat?

A water ballast sailboat has a water reservoir on board instead of a lead keel. Water is taken on board and fills the bottom 25% of the hull. The water in the ballast tanks acts as a counter weight to prevent the wind from blowing the boat over in strong wind.

Are Hunter sailboats Bluewater?

But here’s the takeaway – Hunters are built to be bluewater boats.

How does a water ballast sailboat work?

A water ballast gets installed in such a way that its vertical center of gravity makes the boat more stable. This means the hull gets covered in water for the system to be effective. The ballast itself can cut into the waterline with no detriment to the stability of your sailboat.

Does a boat need ballast?

How Much Ballast do Boats Need? Boats, especially sailboats, do require ballast in order to prevent them from altogether tipping over in certain situations – but these boats can still tip over. Therefore it is essential to know how much ballast a boat needs.

What kind of sailboat is the Hunter 26?

1994 Hunter 26 Since its creation the water ballast 26′ Hunter became an industry and day sailors favorite. Though small in physical size the 26 hunter offers a big boat feel. This is a well-kept sailboat with a new 9.8 hp Tohatsu outboard w/extra-long shaft and electric start.

What kind of boat is the 1988 Hunter?

1988 Hunter 26.5 CLEAN, IN THE WATER AND READY TO SAIL. 1988 Hunter 26.5 Racer/Cruiser Sailboat w/15hp Honda Outboard w/Electric Start and Remote Controls. This clean Hunter is in the water and ready to sail. Roomy cabin with port and starboard sates, forward V-Berth and mid-double berth. Compact galley with alcohol stove and sink.

What kind of engine does the Hunter 26 have?

1997 Hunter 26 A superb chance to own a nice sailing, shoal draft boat at a reasonable price. Newer electric start engine, perfect for Barnegat Bay! 1996 Hunter 26 with trailer in great condition. Sleeps 6, sleeps 4 adults comfortably. Freshwater boat, except for our yearly trip to Key West. 9.9 Yamaha four stroke with cockpit controls.

How big is the swing keel on a sail Hunter 26?

It’s also very roomy for a 26 footer, and with the “pop-top” you have plenty of headroom in the one area you need it. The swing keel goes from 6′ to 18″, and since I was on a lake with shallow water in many spots, I rarely even lowered it.

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