Is griefing a Minecraft server illegal?

Is griefing a Minecraft server illegal?

First of all griefing, is not illegal, it is a concept of a game, basically it is the same as your breaking blocks, Griefing can only be enforced by the server’s admins. They can kick you,jail you(ingame),ban you. There is no law that they can use to try to sue or do anything legal you.

How do I stop griefing on my minecraft server?

The only way to stop griefing using this method is to use /kill in command blocks or functions. A socialized form of griefing, where multiple people grief and then blame it on one of their alternate accounts to evade punishment.

What are some server IP addresses for Minecraft?

The best Minecraft servers

  • How do you join a Minecraft server? First, you’ll need the IP address of your chosen server, which we have listed below.
  • Mineplex. Server IP Address: or
  • Hypixel. Server IP Address:
  • WesterosCraft.
  • PirateCraft.
  • PixelmonCraft.

Who is Popbob?

popbob was an infamous oldfag, and griefer who joined in early 2011 from 4chan, and is now inactive. She [Notes 1] is significantly famous among modern 2b2t and other servers due to being popularized and subject in many videos by YouTuber FitMC. As of today, she is used in various shitposts and memes relating to 2b2t.

How do you stop someone from grieving?

Tips for dealing with grief

  1. Accept some loneliness. Loneliness is completely normal, but it is important not to get too isolated.
  2. Choose good company.
  3. Be gentle with yourself.
  4. Get extra rest.
  5. Embrace all emotions.
  6. Set a regular sleep schedule.
  7. Move your body.
  8. Talk to your doctor.

How do I protect my minecraft server?

Topic: How to protect a Minecraft Server with X4B DDoS Protection

  1. Step 1: Backend Setup. Setup Minecraft on your server, this server will be from here on referred to as the “backend server”.
  2. Step 2: Purchase DDoS Protection Service.
  3. Step 3: Encapsulation Setup (Optional)
  4. Step 4: Add Ports.
  5. Step 5: Finish & Test.

How do I find my server address?

Follow these instructions to find your computer’s Host Name and MAC address.

  1. Open the command prompt. Click on the Windows Start menu and search “cmd” or “Command Prompt” in the taskbar.
  2. Type in ipconfig /all and press Enter. This will display your network configuration.
  3. Find your machine’s Host Name and MAC Address.

Is Popbob a Kenzie?

popbob changed her skin from her troll-face skin to an all-white skin on July 7, 2016. On June 3, 2020, popbob changed her Minecraft skin to the trans rights flag. She also linked a Steam profile on their NameMC page by the name of Mackenzie, and she commonly use the name Kenzie on Discord.

Is Popbob actually a girl?

Many people were confused and doubted that if Popbob still owned her account due to this surprising change; however, iTristan later confirmed that all Nerds Inc member’s accounts where not taken and still owned by their respectful owners, confirming Popbob is transgender.