Is Funfields or adventure park better?

Is Funfields or adventure park better?

If you want exciting water rides then go to Funfields. If you want some water rides and a range of other activities then head to Adventure Park Geelong. If you want to combine a range of animal experiences with a few dry rides and a good range of water rides then take the trip out to Gumbuya World.

Can you refund Funfields tickets?

Funfields does not provide refunds or rainchecks. All sales are final. A valid wristband must be worn at all times. For your safety height, weight or age restrictions apply on most attractions.

How many rides are at Funfields?

Funfields has 11 dry rides and attractions.

Is the water heated at Funfields?


WATER 1.5 million litres of water
FEATURE Heated water
FEATURE Endless Perfect Waves
POOL DEPTH 0m – 1.75m

What do you wear to Funfields?

Guests MUST wear a minimum of shorts and a Tee Shirt. NO SINGLET TOPS! Anyone riding and driving a go kart must be wearing enclosed footwear. Wet clothing or bathers may NOT be worn on the Go Karts.

How much is food at Funfields?

Price range, $11-13. That would be a great combo because this means that customers would enjoy the food more, it will be flavoursome with every bite! They sell Slurpees for $7!!

Can I bring my own food to Funfields?

You can bring your own food & drinks excluding alcohol into Funfields.

Who owns Funfields?

Funfields is a “water-themed” amusement park in Melbourne, Australia, owned by John and Liz Verga.

Does Melbourne have theme parks?

Victoria’s biggest theme park, Adventure Park, located just 1 hour from Melbourne boasts 20 exciting rides and attractions, perfect for the whole family!

How much does it cost to go to Funfields?

General Admission

GUESTS (130cms+) $50
GUESTS (100cms & up to 130cms) $42
TODDLERS (under 100cms) FREE

Can you take alcohol to Funfields?

You can bring your own food & drinks excluding alcohol into Funfields. Eskies, Trolleys, BYO food and drinks EXCLUDING ALCOHOL are permitted in the allocated Picnic areas only. We do not allow commercially prepared food into Funfields.

How much is Luna Park Melbourne?

Pricing: Unlimited Ride Tickets cost $18.00 for 0-3 year old toddlers, $41.50 for 4-12 year old kids and $51.50 for anyone 13 years and older. The Park entry fee for those who don’t wish to ride is $5.

How long has Funfields been in Whittlesea Victoria?

Over the last 25 years Funfields has developed into one of Victoria’s favourite outdoor family fun them park with a host of super fun attractions. Are you ready to take on the many thrills and spills of Funfields?

Where is Funfields amusement park in Melbourne Australia?

Fun awaits at Funfields Amusement Park located in Whittlesea, Victoria. One of Australia’s popular theme parks, Funfields is a fun day out for the whole family. The park is located just 40kms from Melbourne which means that it is a fun activity for those looking for a day out of the city.

How tall is the gravity wave at Funfields?

LAUNCH into the WORLD’S BIGGEST, LONGEST & TALLEST ProSlide Tornado Wave: the GRAVITY WAVE only at Funfields! The 201.16 metre long shuttle blasts off from a 27.1 metre high launch pad and will propel you into a galaxy of madness at velocities of up to 24 feet per second!

How much is a group ticket to Funfields?

With Awesome Rides & Attractions, New Heated Wave Pool & 3 World Record Holding Waterslides, Picnic, BBQ and shelters, Funfields is your premier destination for your Group Funday. Each Group Guest can purchase ONE Discount COME-BACK ticket for $32.