Is Egba in Abeokuta?

Is Egba in Abeokuta?

Egba Ake, otherwise known as Egba Alake, is one of the five sections of Egbaland, the others being Oke-Ona, Gbagura, the Owu and Ibara (historically, Ibara is part of Yewa, not Egba, although it is located in the present day Abeokuta geographically)….Egba Ake.

Egba Ake Egba Alake
Country Nigeria
State Ogun State

What is Egba in Yoruba?

The Egba people are a subgroup of the Yoruba people, an ethnic group of western Nigeria, a majority of whom are from the central part of Ogun State that is Ogun Central Senatorial District.

What is the meaning of Egba?


Acronym Definition
EGBA European Gaming and Betting Association (Brussels, Belgium)
EGBA Electronic Groove Beat Academy (music)
EGBA Edina Girls Basketball Association (Edina, MN)
EGBA Everything’s Gonna Be Allright

What was Abeokuta called before?

The site they choose for Abeokuta was originally the farmland of an Itoko farmer whose name was Adagba. Adagba had no choice but to receive the Egba refugees with both hands and the credit he got was that Abeokuta became known by another name – ‘OKO ADAGBA’, meaning Adagba’s Farmstead.

What is Abeokuta known for?

Modern Abeokuta is an agricultural trade centre (rice, yams, cassava, corn [maize], palm oil and kernels, cotton, fruits, vegetables, shea butter, and rubber) and an exporting point for cocoa, palm produce, fruits, and kola nuts.

How long is journey from Lagos to Abeokuta?

Distance between Lagos and Abeokuta is 78 kilometers (48 miles). Driving distance from Lagos to Abeokuta is 112 kilometers (69 miles)….Estimated Travel Time Between Lagos and Abeokuta.

Average Speed Travel Time
30 mph (48 km/h) 02 hours 19 minutes
40 mph (64 km/h) 01 hours 44 minutes

Who composed the Egba anthem?

Cannon Josiah Jesse Ransome-Kuti
It was composed by Cannon Josiah Jesse Ransome-Kuti (The popular Afro-music pioneer’s; Fela Anikulapo Ransome-Kuti’s grandfather) on June 27, 1922. Chorus: Maa yo, maa yo, maa yo o, L’ori Olumo, Maa yo, maa yo, maa yo o, L’ori Olumo.

What is the meaning of Abeokuta?

Chief Sodeke first settled Abeokuta (meaning literally “the underneath of the rock” or indirectly “refuge among rocks”) in 1830 as a place of refuge from slavehunters from Dahomey and Ibadan.

Who is the first king of Abeokuta?

The Alake of Egbaland is the paramount Yoruba king of the Egba, a clan in Abeokuta, Ogun State, southwestern Nigeria. Egba consists of Egba Ake, Owu kingdom, Oke-Ona and Egba Gbagura….History.

Alake Somoye (1st time) -Regent (1845-1846)
Alake Ladapo Ademola II (July 10, 1920 till December 27, 1962)

Who is the current Alake of Egbaland?

Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III
Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III (born 14 September 1943) is the current Alake of Egba, a clan in Abeokuta, Nigeria. He has ruled since 2 August 2005.

Is there train from Lagos to Abeokuta?

Just like the Abuja – Kaduna train service, the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has started Lagos – Abeokuta – Ibadan rail services. The much talked about train services started operations on December 7, 2020. The train has a different class of services.

How did the city of Abeokuta get its name?

The first meaning may come from the word Ẹ̀gbálugbó, meaning wanderers towards the forest, and this comes from the fact that the ancestors of the Egba people came from the region of the Oyo Empire to the “Egba Forest” and formed what we now know as the city of Abeokuta.

Where are the Egba people in Ogun State?

Ogun Central Senatorial District comprises six local government areas in Ogun State: Abeokuta North, Abeokuta South, Ewekoro, Ifo, Obafemi Owode and Odeda local governments. The Egba group, originally under the Oyo Empire, became independent following the spectacular collapse of Oyo in the first half of the 19th century.

Where was the original settlement of the Egba?

It is worthy of note that the original town and settlement of the Egba nation in Egbaland was under and around Olumo Rock, which is in the Ikija/Ikereku area of the Egba Oke Ona. The Jagunna of Itoko, an Oke Ona chief, is the high priest of Olumo. Olumo Rock is in the territory of and under the control of the Itokos.

Where are the Egba people from in Nigeria?

The Egba people are a subgroup of the Yoruba people, an ethnic group of western Nigeria, a majority of whom are from the central part of Ogun State that is Ogun Central Senatorial District.