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Is Delta Rae still alive?

Is Delta Rae still alive?

Delta Rae /ˈdɛltə reɪ/ is an American folk rock band formed in Durham, North Carolina….

Delta Rae
Years active 2009–present
Labels Valory Music Co., Sire/Warner Bros.
Members Grant Emerson Elizabeth Hopkins Brittany Hölljes Eric Hölljes Ian Hölljes Mike McKee

Where is Delta Rae from?

Durham, North Carolina, United States
Delta Rae/Origin
Six-piece band Delta Rae hails from Durham, NC with Liz Hopkins and Brittany Holljes fronting the robust group with sultry harmonies rounded out by Holljes’ brothers Eric (vocals, piano) and Ian (vocals, guitar) as well as Mike McKee (drums) and Grant Emerson (bass).

What genre of music is Delta Rae?

Country music
Delta Rae/Genres

What genre of music is bottom of the river?

Wikipedia lists their genres as blues-rock, country rock, folk-rock, and roots rock.

Will McLaren Delta Spirit?

In 2011 William McLaren became a full member of Delta Spirit. McLaren formerly played in The Willowz and Cults. On March 13, 2012 they released their third studio album, self-titled Delta Spirit, recorded with producer Chris Coady. On August 4, 2012, the band performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL.

What movie is bottom of the river from?

Bottom of the River is a song performed by Vocal Rush on the season premiere of the fourth season of The Sing-Off….

Bottom of the River
Released: December 9, 2013
By: Delta Rae
Sung by: Vocal Rush
Solos: Jordan

Who sang bottom of the river?

Delta Rae
Bottom of the River/Artists

Will Mclaren band?

Delta SpiritSince 2005
William McLaren/Music groups

What Is There review Delta Spirit?

From The Beatles barbershop vocals of ‘It Ain’t Easy’ to The Fray’s confident, upbeat pop in ‘Making Sense’, their easygoing pop ballads are definitely suited to cool, carefree Cali. Delta Spirit nail simple melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and soft, soothing vocals across ‘What Is There’.

What is it called when a river meets the ocean?

An estuary is an area where a freshwater river or stream meets the ocean. When freshwater and seawater combine, the water becomes brackish, or slightly salty.

What movie is bottom of the river in?

Some of Delta Rae’s most popular songs include Bottom of the River, which was featured in the The Blacklist soundtruck, and Come Back Alive, featured in the The Walking Dead soundtruck.

What killed Malcolm McLaren?

April 8, 2010
Malcolm McLaren/Date of death

Who are the band members of Delta Rae?

When Delta Rae first took flight in North Carolina roughly a decade ago, it was a folky four-piece centered around the hair-raising harmonies and songwriting of the Hölljes siblings—Ian (guitar, vocals), Eric (piano, guitar, vocals), and Brittany (vocals)—and their longtime friend, Liz Hopkins (vocals).

How old was Delta Goodrem when she started singing?

Delta Lea Goodrem (born 9 November 1984) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and actress. Goodrem signed to Sony Music at the age of 15 and released her debut album, Innocent Eyes (2003), which topped the ARIA Albums Chart for 29 consecutive weeks.

What is delta band?

Delta Rae . Delta Rae /ˈdɛltə reɪ/ is an American folk rock band formed in Durham, North Carolina. The band consists of three siblings Ian Hölljes (vocals and guitar), Eric Hölljes (vocals, guitar, piano and keys) and Brittany Hölljes (vocals), as well as Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals), Mike McKee (percussion) and Grant Emerson (bass guitar).

How old was Delta Rae when they started writing music?

Ian and Eric Hölljes began writing music together when they were just 12 and 10-years-old, respectively. The two of them write most of the songs for Delta Rae’s music today.