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Is Chaurasia a OBC?

Is Chaurasia a OBC?

As NS Chaurasia, a High Court lawyer puts it: “Chaurasia, which was a sub-name of caste Barai is also not included in the Central list of OBC.” The caste Barai, according to him is of those engaged in the work of betel cultivation.

What is the gotra of Chaurasia?

Chaurasia is a Brahmin community that has various gotras and subcastes. Some gotras in Chaurasia community are Kashyapa, Bharadwaj, Rishi, Shandilya, Sharma, Bhatia, Modi and others. Among the surnames used by members of Chaurasia community are Jaiswal, Bhagat, Tamoli, Munshi, Tiwari, Rai and numerous others.

What caste is Dey?

De or Dey is a surname commonly used by the Bengali community. De/Dey is derived from the last name Deb/Dev or Deva. The surname has been mostly associated with Kayasthas. In 12th–13th century, a Hindu dynasty Deva ruled over eastern Bengal after the Sena dynasty.

What does Chaurasia mean?

Filters. A Brahmin cast community in India. noun.

Is chaurasiya lower caste?

The members of the Chaurasia community belong to the Brahmin caste under the Hindu Varna system. Originally, inhabitants of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and the Terai region of Nepal, the members have moved to various places for professional reasons. The Chaurasia community follows the Brahmin wedding rites and customs.

What is Jaiswal caste?

Jaiswal is a surname used by many Hindu communities including Kalwars, Jains and Rajputs. Jaiswals are mainly traders and deal in various commodities. In past, they excelled in the art of Liquor making and were classified as Somavamshiya Sahatrarjun Kshatriya.

Is dey a Hindu name?

Indian (Bengal and Orissa) and Bangladeshi: Hindu (Kayasth) name, probably from Sanskrit deya ‘suitable for a gift’. …

Who is Chaudhary caste?

The Choudhury is a well-documented community of royal heritage belonging to the bengali ghoti culture of Brahmin caste and Kayastha caste who were originally zamindars and studies of it have been conducted since 1900. Although the term Choudhari is also used, though during 1961.

Is Barai a lower caste?

Since the betel leaf is a luxury item and favored by upper castes in North India, the Barai have a good social standing. They rank third in the four fold caste system, and are Vaishyas who are mainly peasants and traders.