Is chalk and wire free?

Is chalk and wire free?

Feel free to visit the Chalk & Wire Helpdesk in room EDU 262, open weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

How do you access chalk and wire?

How Do I Access Chalk & Wire? Chalk & Wire can be accessed through courses in D2L if they have a key assessment for the program. If your class requires a Field Placement you will be able to access Chalk & Wire from the link emailed to you when your Field Placement was created.

What is the purpose of chalk and wire?

Chalk & Wire is a web-based e-Portfolio management and assessment system that allows students to demonstrate knowledge and competencies. Outcomes are used by instructors and departments to inform program improvements.

Which website is related to chalk and wire?

Students enrolled in courses not using the Blackboard pass-through functionality to Chalk and Wire will need to access Chalk and Wire directly at From there, you will create a portfolio based on your program area and select your assignment or course.

How do I renew my wire and chalk account?

When your account is near expiring or expires, you can renew it by purchasing another access code at the GSC Bookstore, under any graduate course. The expiration date is located by clicking your name on the top left of your Chalk & Wire account homepage.

What does chalk and wire mean for College of Education?

Welcome to the College of Education’s Chalk & Wire site. Chalk & Wire is a web-based system that provides a place for students to create electronic portfolios to showcase their work in a portable format that they can carry with them after graduation.

What is chalk and wire at Bagwell College?

Welcome to the Bagwell College of Education’s Chalk and Wire Website. Chalk & Wire is an online program that allows users to create electronic portfolios. These portfolios can contain a wide variety of information and media, which can then be assessed by other users.

Where can I buy chalk and wire at KSU?

You will need to purchase a Chalk and Wire account from the KSU Bookstore. Accounts are available for 1 or 2 years. Renewals are also available for 1 semester, 1 year or 2 years.

What do you need to know about chalk and wire?

What is Chalk and Wire? Chalk and Wire is a password protected, electronic portfolio system used throughout programs in the UCA College of Education. Chalk and Wire has two purposes.