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Is Blues Traveler lead singer dead?

Is Blues Traveler lead singer dead?

John Popper (born March 29, 1967) is an American musician and songwriter known as the co-founder, lead vocalist, and frontman of rock band Blues Traveler….

John Popper
Genres Blues rock, alternative rock, jam band
Occupation(s) musician, songwriter, promoter
Instruments Vocals, harmonica, guitar
Years active 1987–present

What year was Sister Hazel?

All for You/Released

Who Has Sister Hazel toured with?

Sister Hazel has 267 concerts

Date Concert
Jun 11, 2019 REO Speedwagon / Sister Hazel
Jun 05, 2019 REO Speedwagon / Sister Hazel
Mar 06, 2019 Sister Hazel
Mar 02, 2019 Fire Sister Hazel / Todd Wright / Ryan Wright / Tommy Gann

Where can I buy the Blues Traveler album?

Now available on the Blues Traveler webstore, streaming music sites, and wherever music is sold. Track to get concert and tour updates. We’re happy to announced that we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our album four by playing the record in its entirety during the “four LIVE” tour this Fall.

What did Blues Traveler do in the 1990s?

They are known for extensive use of segues in live performances, and were considered a key part of the re-emerging jam band scene of the 1990s, spearheading the H.O.R.D.E. touring music festival. ¡Bastardos! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

When is Blues Traveler on the road 2019?

There has been talk about calling our 3 week jaunt coming this February/March of 2019 the Second Leg or Part 2 of the Accelerated Nation tour, but we stopped short of this and I’ll tell you why. It has always been our … Continue reading