Is Blackrock College still a boarding school?

Is Blackrock College still a boarding school?

Blackrock College (Irish: Coláiste na Carraige Duibhe) is a voluntary day and boarding Catholic secondary school for boys aged 13–18, in Williamstown, Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland….Blackrock College.

Blackrock College Coláiste na Carraige Duibhe
Religious order Holy Ghost Fathers (Spiritans)

How much does a boarding school cost in Ireland?

The price for secondary education in Ireland at prestigious boarding schools varies from 16,000 to 32,000 euros per year.

Is Blackrock College posh?

“This is not a posh or elite school. Most parents have to scrimp-up the fees, but there is a universal belief that it is a good school, not at all like the place described in themedia.”

Is Bandon Grammar school fee paying?

The cost of schooling is 20,300 € for 1 academic year (together with accommodation and meals at the full board). The indicated cost is not included and is paid additionally: Registration fee = 160 €

Where is Blackrock College in Dublin, Ireland?

Welcome to Blackrock College, Day and Boarding School for Boys in Dublin, Ireland. Blackrock College, set in 56 acres of rolling parkland on the broad sweep of Dublin Bay, lies four miles from the city centre.

Is there a boarding school at Blackrock College?

For over 100 years boarding has been an integral part of Blackrock. It has ensured that the College is a vital living breathing organism for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Situated in the historic Castle building, the boarding school will offer your son a warm, personalised experience in a vibrant, thriving community.

When is the application period for Blackrock College?

In line with the new enrolment policy and Government guidelines, Blackrock College will commence accepting applications for admission to 2 nd Year 2021 on 1 st October 2020. The application period will close on 22 nd of October 2020 at 4.00pm.

Do you need a guardian to go to Blackrock College?

Blackrock College requires that all boys whose parents live overseas, irrespective of age, have a Guardian appointed for the duration of their enrolment who can act on behalf of the boy’s parents.