Is Arun Pandian a Brahmin?

Is Arun Pandian a Brahmin?

As an actor, he played the series of movies in leading and supporting roles and he … Ajith Kumar Caste: Brahmin; Aravind Akash Caste: Brahmin; Arjun Sarja caste: Kuruba Gowdas; Arulnithi Caste: Isai Velalar; Arun Pandian Caste: Thevar; Arun Vijay Caste: Vellalar; Arvind Swamy Caste: Brahmin; Arya Caste: Malayalee Sunni …

Are Ramya Pandian and Keerthi Pandian?

Ramya Pandian’s sister Keerthi Pandian shocks her fans with a glamorous photoshoot. One of the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil contestants is actress Ramya Pandian, and Arun Pandian is her uncle. Though Keerthi Pandian is not famous like Ramya Pandian, her social media presence is well felt as she constantly interacts with fans.

How many daughters does Arun Pandian have?

three daughters
He has three daughters, named Kavitha Pandian, Kirana Pandian, and Keerthi Pandian.

What is vellalar caste?

Vellalar is a Tamil caste used primarily by various Sub castes who traditionally pursued agriculture as a profession in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and northeastern parts of Sri Lanka. The Vellalar enjoyed a status almost as high as Brahmins, due to the possession of land—the basis of wealth.

What did Arun Pandian do after he retired?

After retiring from acting, he took the post of chief producer for the London -based Ayngaran International, a film production and distribution company, however, he later started his own production and distribution company A&P Groups.

Who is the daughter of actor Arun Pandian?

Ramya Pandian is the daughter of former film director Durai Pandian, and niece of actor Arun Pandian, who works on Tamil-language films. [24] [4] [25] Her family is from Tirunelveli . [9] She has mentioned her interest in organic gardening.

Who is the father of Arun Pandian of Uzhiyan?

He is son of retired Lieutenant colonel D. P. Chellaiah and resides in Tirunelveli. His late brother C. Durai Pandian directed the film Uzhiyan (1994) with Arun Pandian starring in the lead role. He has three daughters, named Kavitha Pandian, Kirana Pandian, and Keerthi Pandian. He holds a Bachelors in economics from Madras University.

When did Arun Pandian join AIADMK party?

On 21 February 2016, Arun Pandian and nine other MLAs tendered their resignations prior to the Assembly election in the state. On 25 February 2016, he joined the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) in the presence of party general secretary and Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa.