Is a Meepo board worth it?

Is a Meepo board worth it?

The quality of this board is amazing. So far my smoothest and fastest electric board. I love that it comes with all the tools you might need for maintenance, high quality charger and cords, and an extra set of bushings. It’s day one, I’ll post an update soon.

Is Meepo a good brand?

Meepo’s boards are the best affordable electric skateboard on the market right now. Amongst budget board brands, Meepo ranks top in both specs and quality.

Which Meepo board is best?

Meepo Mini 2 is the best skateboard for riders looking for a shortboard electric skateboard experience. Mini 2 has a top speed of 29 mph / 46 kph and a range of 20 miles / 32 km with the ER battery. It’s 30” long and its flexible Maple deck is ideal for both new and experienced shortboard riders.

Is Meepo better than boosted?

Not only is Meepo cheaper… but they perform better. Sorry Boosted, you’re boards are still amazing, but it’s clear and obvious you have to go with Meepo!

Is Meepo V3 good for beginners?

The Meepo V3 is a mighty all rounder that will appeal to both beginners and speed demons alike. The Meepo V3 is a board manufactured in China and the Chinese esk8 companies are known for their well priced boards.

Is Meepo V3 the best budget board?

The Meepo electric skateboard has a strong reputation as being one of the best budget electric skateboards available on the market, so we wanted to put it through the paces and see how it performed. We have loved every version of this board, and the Meepo V3 is no exception.

Where is Meepo manufactured?

Shenzen factory
All Meepo boards are handcrafted on-site in Meepo’s Shenzen factory. Over 60,000 Meepo Board riders in 70+ countries have fallen in love with electric skateboarding.

Is Meepo board water resistant?

Like most electric skateboards, the Meepo V3 is not waterproof. It is not water resistant either. By no means should you ride this board if it is raining or if it has recently rained.

Can Meepo boards get wet?

Is my Meepo Board board fully waterproof? No, Meepo Board does not offer water resistant skateboards.

What is the best electric skateboard to buy?

The best electric skateboards

  • Teamgee H20T.
  • WowGo 3X.
  • Evolve Bamboo GTR.
  • Boosted Stealth.
  • Boosted Mini X.
  • Skatebolt Tornado II.
  • Acton Blink S2.
  • Hiboy S22.

How long is the Meepo V3?

Size: 38″ Long I 9″ Wide I 32.5″ Wheelbase. ESC: New Meepo ESC V6. 0. Trucks: Shredder Trucks.

Is the Meepo Mini 2 ER a NLS pro?

It was at that moment I realized that: Mini 2 ER is not Meepo V3 in with smaller footprint, it is Meepo NLS Pro on a Boosted Mini deck. Think about it, it uses the same Hobbywing ESC and same 244wh battery as the NLS Pro.

How is vibration handling on Meepo Mini 2?

While the riding the board has been more fun than expected, vibration handling of Meepo Mini 2 is only average, as expected from a hub motor shortboard where you stand directly above the trucks. It is not atrocious thanks to the thick riser pad and maybe the bushings, unlike some boards that are stiff as steel.

What kind of maple does Meepo Mini 2 use?

The deck of Meepo Mini 2 shouted Boosted Mini. A side by side comparison reveals that the only similarity between these two is the dimension and the shape. Even then, this is a great deck following the design principle of Boosted Mini’s. Meepo uses 7 plies Canadian maple for this short deck.

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