Is a German Shepherd bigger than a Belgian Malinois?

Is a German Shepherd bigger than a Belgian Malinois?

Males stand 24-26 inches high at the withers and females 22-24 inches. But the majority of Malinois are lighter than most German Shepherds. The male Malinois weighs 60-80 pounds and the female weighs 40-60 pounds. In contrast, a male German Shepherd can weigh up to 90 pounds and a female up to 70 pounds.

Which is bigger Belgian shepherd or German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd can be traced back to its origins in 1899. Their physical characteristics are well known, as they are a hugely popular breed as pets, show dogs and working dogs. German Shepherds are larger and heavier than their Belgian cousins, weighing up to 40 kg (88 lb).

Are Belgian Malinois more aggressive than German Shepherds?

The Belgian Malinois exhibits more aggression than the German Shepherd. Both breeds are considered intelligent breeds. Both can fulfill the duty of protection. You have to know that the Belgian Malinois is much faster and more energetic than the GSD.

How big do German Shepherd Belgian Malinois get?

Size: How big does a Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix get? Both the Malinois and GSD are medium to large dog breeds, so their crossbreed is within that range, as well. This mix has a height of 20 to 26 inches (51 to 66 cm) and a weight of 65 to 85 pounds (30 to 39 kg), with females being a bit smaller than males.

Does the Belgian Malinois make a good pet dog?

In relation to temperament, the Belgian Malinois is known for its protective, confident and responsive nature. They are also good with kids and if properly trained they can make a good house pet. These dogs are known for their high energy levels which means they require a lot of exercises to stay in good condition.

Is the Belgian Malinois a good guard dog?

As high energy dogs, a Belgian Malinois that is not properly trained nor has an appropriate outlet to release its energy, may develop bad habits due to boredom. The Malinois is an intelligent breed that can be trained to do numerous jobs. The Malinois can make an excellent family companion and guard dog.

Are Belgian Malinois considered an aggressive breed?

Belgian Malinois Temperament. The temperament of a well socialized and trained Belgian Malinois dog is confident, but not aggressive. With unknown people, these dogs may be reserved, but not shy or timid. With their owner and families, this breed is affectionate, playful, loyal and protective of both people and property.

Is the Belgian Malinois a very intelligent dog breed?

The Belgian Malinois is a highly intelligent breed famed for its accomplishments as a police and military dog. In these roles the Malinois is an expert narcotics and explosives detector, a fearless scout, and an unyielding protector.