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How was Diogo Jota injured?

How was Diogo Jota injured?

Diogo Jota has been ruled out for the rest of Liverpool’s season due to a foot injury. Jota has been replaced by Sadio Mane in the starting line-up at the Hawthorns, as Liverpool continue their late rally for Champions League qualification. …

How long is Jota injured?

Diogo Jota

Season Injury Days
18/19 Knock 7 days
18/19 Hamstring Injury 28 days
18/19 Knock 12 days
16/17 Ankle Injury 18 days

Is Jota injured for Portugal?

The Portugal international sustained a foot injury during the 4-2 win over Manchester United on Thursday. Diogo Jota will miss Liverpool’s remaining three games of the season after sustaining a foot injury during Thursday’s 4-2 win over Manchester United.

Is Jota injured again?

Jürgen Klopp has confirmed Diogo Jota will not play again for Liverpool this season. The forward sustained a foot injury during the 4-2 win over Manchester United on Thursday night and will now be sidelined for the Reds’ remaining Premier League games.

Does Diogo Jota play for Portugal?

Diogo José Teixeira da Silva (born 4 December 1996), known as Diogo Jota, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Liverpool and the Portuguese national team.

Where is Diogo Jota now?

Liverpool F.C.#20 / Forward
Portugal national football team#21 / ForwardPortugal national under-21 football teamForward
Diogo Jota/Current teams
Diogo Jota joined Liverpool FC from Wolverhampton Wanderers in September 2020 in a £45m deal.

Is Jota leaving Liverpool?

Liverpool forward Diogo Jota has been ruled out for the remainder of the Premier League season with a foot injury. Wins in their two remaining matches will likely secure Liverpool a top-four finish and a place in next season’s Champions League. …

What age is Diogo Jota?

24 years (December 4, 1996)
Diogo Jota/Age

How old is Liverpool Jota?

Where is Jota Liverpool from?

Massarelos, Porto, Portugal
Diogo Jota/Place of birth

Who is the father of Joao Felix?

Carlos Sequeira
João Félix/Fathers
The 20-year-old has also named Portuguese legend Rui Costa among his other inspirations while growing up. Carlos and Carla, Joao’s parents, are both physical education teachers and he credits them with keeping him centred growing up.

When did Jota of Madtown become lead singer?

Jota’s ideal type: A girl without double eyelids, but with charm. Jota debuted as a sub-rapper and lead dancer with the South Korean boy-group Madtown in October 2014. He later changed his position in the group from rapper to vocalist.

Who is Jota from law of the jungle?

Early in January 2016, It was confirmed Jota would be a cast member of the Law of the Jungle in Tonga. In May 2016, Jota joined the fourth season of We Got Married, appearing with model Kim Jin-kyung. Jota likes BigBang’s Taeyang (in fact all of the members like him).

Who is Lee Jong hwa of Madtown?

Lee Jong-hwa was born on February 15, 1994, in Busan, South Korea. He also known by his stage name, Jota, and is a South Korean actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of the boy-group Madtown.

How tall is Jota from the Dream Team?

In December 2015, Jota auditioned for Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education. He was chosen from an audition for judo and was announced as the new ace due to his professional judo skills. He won many matches with many experienced judo players. Jota is an active member of Dream Team, setting a record of 2m 60cm in the high jump competition.