How to bind to an element in XAML?

How to bind to an element in XAML?

To bind to elements created programmatically, use the Source property instead. Source, RelativeSource, and ElementName are mutually exclusive in a binding. If you have set one of these attributes, then setting either of the other two in a binding (through XAML or through code) will cause an exception.

How to set an element as a binding source?

Data Gets or sets the name of the element to use as the binding source for the Binding. The value of the Name property or x:Name attribute for the element you want to use as the binding source. The default is an empty string. The following code example demonstrates how to establish a two-way binding between a TextBox and a Slider control.

How is an elementname value used in a binding?

Bindings that use an ElementName value almost always include a simple Path that names a property that exists on the object being referenced. It’s common that the source property from the named element and the destination

How do you get a binding object in Java?

You can do the following to get the Binding object: You must specify the dependency property for the binding you want because it is possible that more than one property of the target object is using data binding. Alternatively, you can get the BindingExpression and then get the value of the ParentBinding property.

How are value converters used in WPF data binding?

Value converters are classes that implement the IValueConverter interface. This interface includes two methods. Convert is used to transform a source value to a type suitable for the targeted dependency property. ConvertBack reverses the process. Usually you will implement both.

Can a WPF element be bound to another element?

The properties of WPF elements can be bound to properties of other WPF Elements. Lets do some simple examples of binding one element to another. For this tutorial, I assume you are in Visual Studio 2008.

What to do when elementname doesnt work in WPF?

Compile and run your program. Slide the slider and watch the binding do its work as its value is displayed in the textBox1 as it changes. Ok, so maybe you want to try to do calculations in the XAML Binding. It doesn’t work.