How to beat level 174 in candy crush soda?

How to beat level 174 in candy crush soda?

Level 174 guide and cheats: For this level you should try to play from the bottom to break the black blockers. And them start to play near to bubble gum to chew them or else they will block other candy. Try to make special combos like colorbomb with striped candy to chew more gums within less moves to reach the target.

What is a bubble level on Candy Crush soda?

Bubble levels (sometimes also known as Get the bear above the candy string levels) are one of the seven level types in Candy Crush Soda Saga, along with soda levels, frosting levels, chocolate levels, honey levels, bubble gum levels and jam levels. Bubble levels are the third level type introduced in the game.

How do you raise the water in Candy Crush soda?

The first thing you need to do is get the soda above the string, then you can get the bear above it. Once the soda is above the string you will need to make matches above the string to float the bear up. A stripe, or a stripe/wrap combo is good for getting the bear above the string once the soda is high enough.

How do you get the bear above the string candy?

you need to pop the soda bottles to raise the soda level up the screen. once you clear enough things above the bear/string and pop enough soda, your bear will go above the string.

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