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How strong is Apachai Hopachai?

How strong is Apachai Hopachai?

Apachai has insane leg strength, he was able to easily leap several hundred meters into the air, he can also kick stone statues extremely high into the air and punch through the floor just by stepping down on it.

How old is Apachai?

Apachai is a 28-year-old master of Muay Thai and is known as the “Death God” (“Grim Reaper” in the English anime) of the Muay Thai underworld fighting circuit.

How many episodes of Kenichi are there?

Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ (Shijō Saikyō no Deshi: Kenichi)
Original network TV Tokyo
English network Funimation Channel
Original run October 7, 2006 – September 29, 2007
Episodes 50

Can Miu beat Kenichi?

Kenichi will defeat Miu some day. Since it’s been brought up so often how much more skilled Miu is than Kenichi, it would be a definitive milestone in his progress if he were to finally win in a match against her. On that day he will finally tell Miu how he feels.

Why are Kenichi and Agaard scared of Apachai?

Although he’s a Dou fighter, Apachai has been able to keep himself calm in battle and once he fights all out his Ki is monstrously powerful so much so that it caused Kenichi and even the normally calm Kokin to become scared by his and Agaard’s Ki against each other.

Why did Apachai look up to Agaard Jum Sai?

Apachai is shown to have looked up to Agaard Jum Sai as an older brother. He has also mentioned several times that he has trouble understanding Japanese, which may be another reason why he never holds back, despite how much everyone tells him to.

What kind of endurance does Apachai have?

Immense Endurance: Befitting his large figure, Apachai has a high amount of endurance, such as taking several blows from Retsumin Kei and received little damage.

How does Apachai get along with other animals?

Animal communication: Apachai’s innocent and childlike demeanour has given him the ability to get along with animals in a harmonious manner. Birds will land in his hands and other animals will come right up to him to be petted, even dangerous ones such as tigers are as tame as house cats with him.