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How old was Britney in circus?

How old was Britney in circus?

Circus was initially scheduled to be released worldwide on December 2, 2008, Spears’s twenty-seventh birthday. However, after unauthorized online leaks, imeem began streaming the album from their website on November 25.

When did circus come out Britney Spears?


Who wrote Britney Spears Circus?

Britney Spears
Benny BlancoClaude KellyDr. Luke

What genre is Circus by Britney Spears?


What does Britney Spears circus smell like?

Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Circus Fantasy was launched in 2009. Top notes are Raspberry, Apricot Blossom and Sugar; middle notes are Orchid, Peony and Water Lily; base notes are Sweet Notes, Vanilla, Musk, Violet and Woody Notes.

Does Britney Spears write her own songs?

Britney Spears is an iconic singer; however, she did not write most of her hit songs. One of her hits was co-written by fellow pop star Kesha. Here’s what Kesha said when asked about the fact that Spears doesn’t compose her own music.

What fragrance does Britney Spears wear?

Midnight Fantasy may be her best perfume, but it hit shelves during her lowest point; nothing about the caramel-toffee aroma of the juice grafts so neatly onto her personal life. By saying that it did, an esteemed critic was glomming onto the easy version of the Britney Spears story: She was not to be taken seriously.

What perfume does Britney Spears wear?

Britney Spears Curious Eau de Parfum Spray Britney Spears’ first perfume Curious*, was created by Claude Dir (also the nose behind Curious Heart and Curious In Control) by Coty in 2004. Curious is a youthful fruity floral fragrance perfect for a young romantic woman.

Does Taylor Swift write her own songs?

Are they written by the singer herself? Taylor Swift writes some of her own songs. She wrote every song on her 2010 album Speak Now. On some of her songs, she is co-credited as a writer, with other writers also credited as helping to create the tracks.

When did Britney Spears album Circus come out?

“Circus” is the sixth studio album by Britney Spears that was released on November 28, 2008. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of over 505,000 copies, making it her fifth album to reach the top of the chart.

When did Britney Spears record her fifth album?

Looking to transition from her “darker and more urban” fifth studio album Blackout (2007), Spears wanted to make her next project “a little bit lighter”. She recorded the album during the summer of 2008, after her much-publicized personal struggles saw her placement under a conservatorship earlier that year.

Who are the producers of Britney Spears Circus?

As executive producers, Larry Rudolph and Teresa LaBarbera Whites enlisted collaborators including Spears’ longtime colleague Max Martin and Danja. Their efforts resulted in a primarily pop and dance record with urban influences.

What kind of music does Britney Spears sing?

It has been suggested that its lyrics deal with either Spears’s father Jamie or paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. “Mannequin” is a dance-pop song with a trip hop influence; while being noted for its “risky” and ” futuristic ” nature, it has also been suggested that Spears’s vocals sounded “lifeless”.

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