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How old is BJ smooth?

How old is BJ smooth?

55 years (December 16, 1965)
J.B. Smoove/Age

Where is JB Smoove from?

Plymouth, North Carolina, United States
J.B. Smoove/Place of birth

Who is the black guy on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

If you started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm anytime after season 8 (2011), you might wonder how main character Larry David (playing himself) ended up living with his housemate, Leon Black (J.B. Smoove).

Was JB Smoove a basketball player?

Smoove, whose real name is Jerry Angelo Brooks, started his relationship with basketball in the Levister Towers housing projects of New York suburb Mount Vernon when he was just 3 years old, shooting on flimsy hoops he and his brother fashioned out of wire hangers.

How tall is Smoove?

1.93 m
J.B. Smoove/Height

How tall is Larry David?

1.8 m
Larry David/Height

Was JB Smoove in GTA 5?

Smoove (born as Jerry Brooks on December 16, 1964 in Plymouth, North Carolina) is an American actor, writer, voice actor and stand-up comedian who voiced Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris in Grand Theft Auto V.

Who is Larry David’s wife in real life?

Laurie Davidm. 1993–2007
Larry David/Wife

Who is JB Smoove married to?

Shahidah Omarm. 2007
J.B. Smoove/Spouse

Who is JB Smoove wife?

J.B. Smoove/Wife

In 2007, Smoove married singer Shahidah Omar. They live together in Los Angeles. He has an adult daughter from a previous relationship. He shortened his name, Jerry Brooks, to “J. B.” and added “Smoove” as his last name when he began performing stand-up comedy.

What does Smoove mean?

Smoove is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets products related to bike-sharing. The lock is on the bicycle, situated in the fork. It secures the bike in the stations and outside the stations with an auto-winding cable.