How much weight can an IKEA lazy susan hold?

How much weight can an IKEA lazy susan hold?

The Lazy Susan that IKEA offers is plastic and doesn’t hold much weight (26 lbs per shelf to be exact). We sprung for this metal Rev-a-Shelf one to help support the weight of our cast iron that we prefer to cook with. (This upgraded one can hold up to 84 lbs per shelf).

How do IKEA corner cabinets work?

IKEA kitchen corner cabinet option one: This option uses an angled cabinet on the wall with a single door closure (B), while the base cabinet comes as a bi-fold door setup (A) with an equal depth and width. When either of these corner kitchen cabinets are opened, everything inside is visible.

Can you put a Lazy Susan in an existing cabinet?

To install a lazy susan in an existing corner cabinet, you’ll need a pencil and a screw gun to mark measurements and tighten a few screws. If you buy an entire kit, the installation will be easier and include needed items like brackets, an extension pole, pins, and the actual shelves.

How does a Lazy Susan cabinet work?

A lazy Susan consists of two or three shelves that rotate around a center pole, which, if not properly aligned, can prevent the doors from closing or the shelves from smoothly rotating. You can adjust a lazy Susan cabinet pole in a few minutes with some hand tools. Remove the items from the lazy Susan shelves.

What is a super Susan?

A Super Susan is a turntable attached to ball bearing hardware that is mounted to a shelf and the shelf can be adjustable.

Is it hard to install a lazy Susan?

A Lazy Susan Install Isn’t Easy for Anyone It’s not easy working inside the corner cabinets where you want to put a lazy susan. You have to get the trays and pole hardware into the cabinet, and you may not be able to get as big (tray diameter) a lazy susan as you could when buying the cabinets.

Where to put a lazy Susan in IKEA?

This Lazy Susan comes in a few sizes, so I purchased the largest one that would fit in the IKEA corner base cabinet. The exact center of the base cabinet on top does not line up with where the cross pieces are, so we had to get creative and install a 1×4 across the center for the new lazy susan to attach to.

How do you install a lazy Susan base cabinet?

Before actually installing corner base cabinets, it’s important to adjust the doors. Start by removing the shipping pin that holds the revolving mechanism of a lazy Susan in place. Using a pair of pliers, rotate the door until you can reach into the cabinet and snip off the pin, which is located near the top of the center pole.

How do you raise or lower a lazy Susan?

Rotate the Lazy Susan attached to the cabinet door to see if it easily clears the cabinet base. If it doesn’t, turn the height adjustment screw that’s located near the bottom of the center pole. By turning the screw to the right, you can raise the door; by turning the screw to the left, you can lower the door.

What kind of Screws do you use to install a lazy Susan?

Use round-head or pan-head screws and seat washers and firmly affix screws to the back wall. When securing cabinets to wall studs, use 3-inch #10 screws; when securing to drywall, use toggle bolts; and when securing to concrete, first drill 1/4-inch holes and then insert #10 wall anchors, which you secure to the wall with 3-inch #10 screws.