How much money did Shane Filan lose?

How much money did Shane Filan lose?

The wife of ex-Westlife singer Shane Filan has been declared bankrupt six years after her husband followed the same action for debts of more than €20 million.

Why did Brian left Westlife?

Brian, 40, quit Westlife in 2004, just months before his marriage to Kerry Katona ended. Announcing his departure, he explained he wanted out to spend more time with Atomic Kitten star Kerry and their two daughters Molly and Lily.

Are Westlife dead?

Westlife are an Irish boy band, formed in 1998 in Sligo, Ireland. They disbanded in 2012 and reunited in 2018.

How much is Kian Egan worth?

Egan was ranked number five on Ireland’s Sexiest Man of 2014. As of 2017, his net worth is 18 million euros.

How much is Westlife Worth?

Westlife Net Worth 2020 Westlife’s revenue is $80K in 2020. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $79.2K – $105.6K.

Does Brian regret leaving Westlife?

Brian McFadden quit Westlife over moment of ‘shame’ – but lived to regret it. Westlife were at the top of their game back in 2004 and just three weeks away from hitting the road for their fourth world tour when bandmate Brian McFadden dropped a bombshell. He was done and wanted out with immediate effect.

Will Brian McFadden rejoin Westlife?

Fans of Westlife who were holding out for a reunion with all five members could be waiting a very long time, as Brian McFadden says he will “never” rejoin the group.

Why was Westlife’s lead singer declared bankrupt last year?

Last year, as a result of losing his property investments in Ireland’s economic crash, he was declared bankrupt to the tune of an eye-watering £18 million. The date of one of the most painful moments in that traumatic time is seared on his heart, January 11, 2013, when he handed over the keys to the family home near Sligo in the West of Ireland.

Who was the lead singer of the boyband Westlife?

From boyband superstar to £18m bankrupt: As Westlife’s lead singer he had all the trappings of fame. Then Shane lost the lot. Here, he tells of his dizzying fall Shane Filan is looking a bit dazed. He’s not quite as fresh-faced as he used to be nor as wide-eyed in that I-can’t-believe-my-luck way he had as the lead singer of Westlife.

Where did Shane from Westlife move to after bankruptcy?

The hitmaker and his family relocated to Surrey during this time but have since moved back to Sligo. After the bankruptcy judgment, they were forced to sell their Sligo mansion, which was valued at €10 million, during the boom, for €800,000 in 2014.

How long has Shane Filan been in Westlife?

Shane Filan has been through a tumultuous 18 months and has come out the other side of it. After 14 years in Westlife and when he should have been set up for life, he found himself bankrupt and staring at a bleak future.