How much is Acer Aspire V5 122P?

How much is Acer Aspire V5 122P?

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This item Acer Aspire V5-122P-0857 12-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (1 GHz A4-1250 A-Series processor, 4GB Ram, 500GB Hard Drive) Chill Silver
Price $43599
Sold By JMBO Sales (Fast shipping)
Computer Memory Size 4 GB
CPU Model Manufacturer AMD A-Series

What is Acer Aspire V5?

Finally, a light and lean computing machine for great value: the Aspire V5 Series. Thin as it is, the V5 still packs potent power and graphics. Some models even feature an optical drive and handy LAN/VGA combo port, while they all promise cool-to-the-touch comfort.

How much is an Acer Aspire V5 worth?

Acer Aspire V5 review: A touch-screen Windows 8 laptop for less

Price as reviewed $729
Memory 4GB, 1600MHz DDR3
Hard drive 500GB 5,400rpm
Chipset Intel HM77
Graphics Intel HD4000

Is the Acer Aspire v5-122p a Windows 8 laptop?

The Acer Aspire V5-122P is a representative of the category of the latter named devices. The 11.6-inch notebook with Windows 8 does not only want to score with its viewing angle stable IPS display and touchscreen but also with AMD’s brand new quad-core APU A6-1450 (here is the extensive review ).

Why is my Acer Aspire v5-122p laptop freezing?

I have an Acer Aspire V5-122P-0679 laptop that has served me well for a few years. When Windows 10 first came out and updated and everything ran great. With update 1607, the system started freezing and became unusable. It has all the latest updates (KB3197954).

How long does battery last on Acer Aspire v5-122p?

Battery Life Click to Enlarge Although the Acer Aspire V5-122P is designed for portability, don’t expect to use it very long away from an outlet. The notebook only lasted for 3 hours and 41 minutes during the LAPTOP Battery Test, which consists of continuously surfing the Web with the display brightness set to 40 percent.

How can I restore my Acer Aspire v5-122p-643?

Then turn it back on and immediately press and hold the ALT key while tapping the F10 key. A recovery screen should appear. Follow the directions to reset to the machine to a factory fresh state. Example videos are shown below for Win8.1 and Win10, whichever your factory installed Window version was. Jack E/NJ