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How much is a Stevens favorite worth?

How much is a Stevens favorite worth?

The gun shown here is a standard No. 17 in . 22 Long Rifle, with a rare original optional canvas and leather carrying case. As such, and in 40 percent condition, it is worth $350 to $400 ($75 less without the case), thus proving a 1904 Stevens ad, which called the Favorite “a first class rifle at a moderate price.”

When was Stevens Favorite made?

In the United States, Stevens began making the “Favorite” in 1889 (two years after they developed the . 22 Long Rifle cartridge), and it was sold both here and in England where it fit right into the rook rifle market. The Favorite was made in various versions from 1889 to 1930, in . 22, .

Is a 25 caliber rimfire?

1898? The . 25 Stevens was an American rimfire rifle cartridge. 25 Stevens Short it is sometimes also referred to as .

Where is the serial number on a Stevens 311?

savage 311 date code This code can usually be found behind the hinge pin or ahead of the trigger guard on the bottom of the frame and is a small oval with a letter and a number in it.

What is Tenite stock?

Tenite was used by Savage Arms Company as a stock material for commercial firearms in the World War II era when walnut wood was reserved for military arms production. The 15,000 Savage Model 24 .22/.410 combo rifle/shotguns issued for the E series of aviator survival kits 1942-1945 had Tenite stocks.

What kind of rifle is J Stevens 32?

I have a single shot, .32 caliber J. Stevens rifle. There is a wing nut which allows the barrel to be removed. It has a rear peep sight. The markings on the barrel are “J. Stevens A Company Chicopee Falls, Mass USA Pat Apr 1794” on the other side it says “32-Long”. The butt plate says “Stevens Favorite”.

What is the serial number on a 1915 Stevens rimfire?

Description: Stevens Model 1915 Favorite 32 Long rimfire, serial # F141. Frame has circled SVG mark and early Lyman receiver sight. Globe front sight without insert. Near excellent bore and mechanics, brown patina receiver, blue barrel with slight peppery oxidation. Sight has hardware store nut retainer.

How much does a Stevens 22 Long Rifle cost?

$ 3,875. Stevens Favorite boy’s rifle in 22 Long Rifle. The barrel has been relined and is fitted with a Beech front sight and has a Stevens Tang sight that will bring $400.00 by it’s self.The butt stock has a …Click for more info STEVENS VISIBLE LOADER 22Cal.

What kind of rifle is the Stevens Model 1915?

J. Stevens Model 1915 Favorite .32 Rimfire shotgun, 24 inch round barrel with single metal bead. The bore is bright with no dings, dents, rings, or bulges. Action blue has thinned with some light pa …Click for more info #1134A STEVENS MODEL 7 TIP UP RIFLE, 44-40, SN 284XX, 30” oct. bbl., top of bbl. engraved “WRA Co.”, stands for Win.