How much is a Stevens 320 worth?

How much is a Stevens 320 worth?

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PRICE $229.99
Barrel Length 18.5in
Lop 14.25in
Finish Matte Black
Stock Black Synthetic w/Pistol Grip

How many shells does a Stevens 320 hold?

The 3-inch chamber will accept either 2 3/4 or 3 inch 12-gauge shells, and the magazine will hold up to four shells, though a plug is provided in order to limit capacity to two.

Are Stevens guns any good?

Stevens (Savage) is an excellent shotgun. Have had two of them for many years; one is a magazine fed 12 gauge bolt action, and the other is a 12 gauge single shot, break open model. The bolt action was my first shotgun given to me by my Father, who used it for several years before that.

What are the accessories for a Stevens 320 shotgun?

Make your Hunting adventure a little bit easier and a lot more fun with these high-quality accessories. Trinity Picatinny rail mount 2 inches long compatible with for stevens 320 12 gauge pump saddle. Trinity universal 12 gauge pump barrel mount black aluminum black shotgun accessory hunting tactical home defense.

What kind of scope is Stevens 320 12 gauge?

Trinity reflex sight with base mount for stevens 320 12gauge picatinny weaver base mount adapter aluminum black hunting optics tactical target range home defense accessory. Hunting 4×32 scope and mount for Stevens 320 12 gauge pump. Hunting sight and mount for Stevens 320 12 gauge pump.

What kind of optic mount do I need for Stevens 320?

You’ll need a mount designed specifically for your shotgun (have it installed by someone who knows the process well). For the Stevens 320, this all steel mount from B Sq. and sold by Safari land is one of the best overall optic rounds for the Stevens 320 because it combines durability with a nonpermanent design that is still rugged and reliable.

What kind of sling do I need for my Stevens 320?

For when side saddles just won’t cut it, here is a specially made pump shotgun ammo sling designed for shotguns just like the Stevens 320. This is a heavy-duty nylon sling that attaches and swivels at the buttstock and with an all-metal tie in at the magazine tube.