How much does it cost to have someone clean your fireplace?

How much does it cost to have someone clean your fireplace?

The typical chimney cleaning cost is between $129 and $378. Wood fireplaces that receive regular maintenance price $85 to $100 per cleaning. Those with build-up from years of neglect could total as much as $800. Chimney cleaning kits run between $50 to $100.

How often should you have your fireplace professionally cleaned?

once a year
Q. How often should I have my chimney swept? This a tougher question than it sounds. The simple answer is: The National Fire Protection Association Standard 211 says, “Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be inspected at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances.

Do people still sweep chimneys?

Today, chimney sweeps still maintain a thriving new industry in many parts of the world. Most modern chimney sweeps are professionals, and are usually trained to diagnose and repair hazards along with maintenance such as removal of flammable creosote, firebox and damper repair, and smoke chamber repair.

How often should gas fireplace chimneys be cleaned?

That is why you need an annual inspection of your gas fireplace. By cleaning your fireplace and chimney, you can put your mind at ease when you start your unit this season. Every fireplace or insert should be cleaned annually. This is due to the hard work a fireplace puts in with each use, when it is heating your home.

Should you clean ash out of fireplace?

The End of the Heating System Is Different Ash is extremely acidic and, when combined with moisture, can be extremely destructive. It is best to remove all ashes from your fireplace and stove at the end of the heating season to prevent this from happening.

What are the dangers of being a chimney sweep?

Chimney Sweeping

  • Respiratory Hazards. Soot and smoke inhalation can cause respiratory distress, illnesses, and infection can be a result of soot inhalation.
  • Skin Irritation. Physical contact with creosote can cause rash, other skin issues, and infection.
  • Eye Damage.

Did children really clean chimneys?

Master Sweeps would buy young children from orphanages and take in young homeless children from the streets. These were between the ages of 5 and 10, although most were under the age of seven, and some were even as young as four. These boys were used to climb up chimneys to clean out deposits of soot.

What happens if you don’t clean your chimney?

When your chimney is not cleaned for a long time, a substance called creosote keeps building up in the flue during the use of the fireplace. This creosote is highly flammable and can lead to a dangerous chimney fire (an uncontrolled 2000 degree fire burning inside the chimney).

What happens if you dont clean your chimney?

Do I need to clean my chimney if I don’t have a fireplace?

Even if you no longer fire-up your fireplace, you still need to have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually. Think of it like an annual physical for your house. Since your chimney and flue help your house “breathe,” you’ll want to make sure they’re in peak physical condition.

Who are the fireplace guys in St Paul MN?

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Where can I get a chimney cleaning service?

Whether you want to schedule your annual chimney cleaning, or you need fire damage restoration services, call us for all your fireplace and chimney needs. Along with chimney services, we also providide dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning services to Minneapolis, MN.

Are there chimney services in the Twin Cities?

Our chimney and fireplace services are aimed at providing you with the best fire protection you can have. We offer chimney and fireplace services to all homes and businesses in the greater Twin Cities area. When you hire us, you know you’re getting the most comprehensive chimney services in the business.

Who is the best chimney doctor in Minneapolis?

Chimney Doctors is the absolute best for getting your chimney cleaned, inspected and serviced. We’ll definitely use them from now on. Ryan was on time, efficient, and gave us good advice about our chimneys. I will be calling for an appointment next year.