How much does it cost to get into the Hershey Zoo?

How much does it cost to get into the Hershey Zoo?

Description Price Qty
Regular 1-Day Admission Ticket Ages 9-61 $13.00
Junior 1-Day Admission Ticket Ages 3-8 $11.00
Senior 1-Day Admission Ticket Ages 62+ $11.00

Is the zoo included in Hersheypark?

Our year-round, 11-acre zoo is home to more than 200 animals & included with your one-price ​Hersheypark® ticket*.

Is the Hershey Zoo open?

ZooAmerica® is open year-round for adventures, discovery, learning, and more. Explore our calendar, view our hours of operation, and plan a visit to explore the wild of North America today!

Does Hershey Zoo have elephants?

It is a cute litte zoo. It doesnt have the usual elephant, giraffe, or zebra–but they have some cute north american wildlife. They have turkeys, deer, otters, owls, bobcats, eagles, wolves, falcons, elk and etc.

Is Hershey Chocolate World included with Hersheypark admission?

5 answers. Hershey World is not inside Hershey Park. There is no fee to enter Hershey World, however with the exception of the Chocolate Factory Tour, there is a fee to do the other activities such as, Build Your Own Candy Bar, Chocolate Tasting and Trolley Tour.

Can you walk from Hersheypark to ZooAmerica?

ZooAmerica is attached to Hersheypark via a walkway bridge located in the Kissing Tower Hill℠ area of the Park. The Zoo is free when entered from this location. There is also a separate, year-round entrance to the Zoo off of Route 743.

What animals are at the Hershey Zoo?

With mountain lions and bears, otters and alligators, wolves and porcupines all calling the Zoo home, you’re sure to discover your favorite animal or meet a new best friend!

Is Hersheypark Open 2021?

HERSHEY, Pa. — Hersheypark will open its 2021 season on April 2, the park announced Friday. The park’s 115th season will feature a new ticket offer and three new culinary experiences in its new Chocolatetown region, Hersheypark said in a press release.

How can I go to Hershey Park on a budget?

Staying in Hershey on a Budget, consider the Hershey Lodge

  1. Take advantage of the Kids Stay, Play & Eat FREE package. Available select days in May and June.
  2. Plan an early summer vacation with the Stay Early & Save More package. Save 45% when you book a Hersheypark getaway in May or June.

Do Hershey Park tickets include the waterpark?

The water park features multiple water slides, lazy river, wave pool and even a water coaster! Included in your ticket, access to the water park does not cost extra and there is no separate entrance.

Can you walk from Hershey Park to ZooAmerica?

How many animals are in the Hersheypark Zoo?

Our year-round, 11-acre zoo is home to more than 200 animals & included with your one-price ​ Hersheypark ® ticket*.

Is the Hersheypark admission included with ZooAmerica?

ZooAmerica ® admission is included with your Hersheypark admission only by accessing the zoo through the Hersheypark bridge during public operating hours. View Hersheypark Hours Save up to 35% when you visit ZooAmerica with your group of 15 or more!

When to go to the zoo in Hershey PA?

Visit year- round or stop by during your visit to Hersheypark. Attend a special VIP tour or plan a little meet-and-greet of your own with group and outreach programs. The bears, lizards, owls, and all other inhabitants can’t wait to see you for a wild, fun-filled day at ZooAmerica in Hershey, PA.

How much is a day ticket to Hersheypark?

Everyone Pays Kids’ Price Ride the day away for the price of a kid’s ticket! 1-day $52.95