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How much does Dance Central 3 cost?

How much does Dance Central 3 cost?

Dance Central 3 Xbox 360

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Site Price
Amazon $3.52
GameStop $4.99
eBay $6.99

How do you unlock the glitterati Dance Central 3?

To unlock The Glitterati, rank up to level 17.

Which is better Dance Central or just dance?

Just Dance isn’t a true dance game; it’s more of a party experience, while Dance Central teaches you step-by-step an actual routine. Just Dance tends to follow a looser gameplay style with 360 degree twirling movements, moves playing out like jokes, and dance moves that can only be implemented properly with a group.

Is Dance Central on Wii?

“Just Dance 4” supports more platforms and their motion devices — PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii — whereas “Dance Central 3” is an Xbox 360 exclusive. Each game costs $50, on any console.

How do you unlock glitterati Dance Central 2?

You must gain the respect of each crew by getting at least 16 stars on their songs, then 4 songs on their final challenge. Doing this for each crew will unlock the Glitterati crew.

How do I export Dance Central 2 into Dance Central?

TO EXPORT DANCE CENTRAL 2: Select Dance Central 2 Import. Enter the 25-digit code printed on the back of your Dance Central 2 manual. If you accidentally entered this code previously when trying to import the original Dance Central, you don’t need to enter the code again.

Where do I find the Dance Central Code?

Enter the 16-digit code packaged with the original Dance Central. This code is either printed on the back of your manual or on a separate token card inside the game case. If your manual does not have a code, please contact Microsoft Customer Support for further assistance.

How to unlock the costume in Dance Central 2?

Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding costume. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press Y, Right, Left, Up, X (2), Down, Y to unlock Angel’s Dance Central costume. Press Left (2), Up, Right (2), X, Down, Y to unlock Emilia’s Dance Central costume.