How much does a Willie drift boat weigh?

How much does a Willie drift boat weigh?


Model Bottom Width Approx. Weight
17′ 54″ 330
17′ 60″ 350
18′ 60″ 380
19′ 60″ 400

How much do Steelheads weigh?

12 kgAdult
Rainbow trout/Mass

What makes a good drift boat?

Durability: A good drift boat is made of quality wood and is very durable. While they may not withstand a sideways, high-speed collision with a rock in whitewater, they are almost as durable as a quality raft. Since these are solid boats (not inflatable), you also do not have to worry about leaks.

What is the purpose of a drift boat?

A drift boat is a beautiful example of design and function, an excellent watercraft for fly fishing. It is designed to drift down the river with the current with the rower or guide controlling the speed. Generally, when you row a boat on flat water you face backward and pull the oars to propel the boat forward.

How much do drift boats cost?

‘ Although the price can range immensely, you can purchase a drift boat from anywhere between $3500 to $25,000+ depending on if its new or used, the accessories, size, and what kind of condition it is in. There are many options on the market and each day different brands and models of drift boats are introduced.

Is a drift boat worth it?

From its humble beginnings as an ocean dory boat the drift boat has evolved into an excellent river runner and freshwater fishing vessel. A drift may be an expensive purchase but it is worth every penny you pay for it because there is no other boat that can quite do what it can do, nor in the style that it does it.

Why are drift boats so expensive?

Drift boats are so expensive due the manufacturing costs and the price of the materials used. Wooden drift boats tend to be more expensive because of the extensive amount of time needed to make one and the superior quality of the wood used. Many are hand built.

How big is the Willie drift boat for sale?

SOLD! 2003- 16×54 Willie Drift Boat Fly Fishing set up and tons of extra options. Call Steve at 530-333-3484 Asking $6,500.00 SOLD! 2010 16′ x 54″ Willie Drift Boat The boat has been in the water less than 10 times.

How big is the bottom of a Willie boat?

Specifications Model Bottom Width Center Length Beam Approx. Weight 14′ 48″ 13’4″ 68″ 195 16′ 48″ 15’4″ 74″ 275 16′ 54″ 15’5″ 76″ 285 17′ 54″ 15’10” 78″ 330

Who was the first person to build a drift boat?

Willie Illingworth built the first known McKenzie style drift boat out of aluminum back in the early 70’s. Today, Willie Boats continues to design and build drift boats that the competition long gave up trying to keep up with.

Which is the best brand of drift boats?

With a precision rake built into every model, Willie Boats are known throughout the fishing world as the best rowing drift boat on the market. From Alaska to California, there’s a reason that you’ll see more Willie Drift boats on the water than any other brand. All the latest merchandise, apparel, and accessories.