How much does a K40 radar detector cost?

How much does a K40 radar detector cost?

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This item K40 RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector with GPS
Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (35)
Price $39995
Sold By Creative Audio
Item Dimensions 9.8 x 6.6 x 1.8 inches

Is K40 legal?

Our goal is to answer the most common misconceptions and allow you to drive with confidence. That’s it. In all other states, radar detectors are completely legal to use in a passenger vehicle. K40 dealers sell plenty of K40’s Platinum100 portable radar and laser detectors in those states.

What is the best radar detector for your money?

Best Overall Radar Detector. Uniden R7 Laser/Radar Detector.

  • Best Radar Detector with Built-in Dash Cam. Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam and Radar Detector.
  • Longest Range Radar Detector. Radenso Pro M Radar Detector.
  • Most User Friendly Radar Detector.
  • Best Overall Value Radar Detector.
  • Best Under $400 Radar Detector.
  • Is a radar detector worth it?

    The question, “are radar detectors worth it?” isn’t only heard from skeptics, but those who are considering buying themselves one. Summary: Radar Detectors are worth it because you will pay way more when you will receive a speeding ticket, which can also get you points or license suspension.

    Is the K40 radar detector worth the money?

    This is my 7th K40 radar detector purchase – nice update to product and good service at Patrick BMW. This is the 4th K40 system I’ve purchased – always worth the money! Just wanted to drop you both a note and say thanks for taking care of my detector problem.

    Where can I get a police radar detector?

    Police Radar Detection & Laser Jamming. Ticket-Free Solutions & K40 Confidence. Call us at 800-323-5608 anytime, 24/7, for a friendly conversation on choosing the ultimate police radar detector and laser protection system for your type of vehicle and driving environment.

    Is there a hidden radar detector in a Porsche?

    They took care of my every need and having the ability to have a hidden radar detector with laser defusers makes driving my Porsche all the much better without worry of the officer around the corner waiting! Thanks Steve for all you’ve done to make the purchase of my new K40 RL360 one of the best decisions I’ve made for my Porsche.