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How much can a 150 quart cooler hold?

How much can a 150 quart cooler hold?

Product Description. Keep your food and drinks cold, and keep the fun going, for up to 6 days when you bring a Coleman 150 Quart Performance Cooler. Large enough to hold 223 cans, you’ll have plenty of space for refreshments for the entire party.

What is the largest cooler available?

The Tundra® 350 is YETI’s largest premium cooler. With a whopping 19,000 cubic inches of capacity and enough space to hold 82.4 gallons, it’s built to handle big events and deep-sea catches.

What size coolers does Coleman make?

Refine by Size: Large (40 – 99 Qt.) Medium (20 – 39 Qt.) Refine by Size: Medium (20 – 39 Qt.) Small (Less than 20 Qt.)

How many bags of ice do I need for a cooler?

How Much Ice For Common Situations

Situation Ice-To-Contents Ratio
Keeping Food Frozen 2:1
Storing Fruit/Vegetables 1:1 or 1:2
Keeping Lunch Cold In Small Cooler or Lunch Bag 1:2 to 1:4
Cooler Filled With Frozen Meat 1:1 to 1:10

How big of a cooler do I need for an elk?

For boned out Elk you will need a minimum of a 120-150 Quart cooler plus it’s recommended to bring a second smaller cooler for the extra meat just in case. For quartered Elk, length is just as important as size and you will need a cooler at least 32-34 inches in length.

How big is a 150 Qt marine chest cooler?

Marine Chest Cooler Pro Series w/ Leak and Rust-Resistance White Only 1 left! Igloo Marine Boat Beach 150 Qt. Large Big Cooler Ice Chest Box Cabinet White 150-Qt. MaxCold Performance Cooler Ice Chest Marine Fish Storage Large Insulated Igloo 150-Qt.

How big is the maxcold performance ice chest cooler?

MaxCold Performance Cooler Ice Chest Marine Fish Storage Large Insulated Igloo 150-Qt. MaxCold Performance OUTDOOR INDOOR COOLER hold up 248 cans NEW

Is the Coleman extreme cooler better than the igloo maxcold?

The Coleman Extreme easily out-performed this cooler. Even when we returned home, we unloaded both coolers, placed them in the house, and did not have time to wash them out until the next evening. I was shocked (though I shouldn’t be) to still find a few pieces of ice in the Coleman Extreme and no ice in the Igloo Maxcold.

Which is the best cooler on the market?

It might be on the expensive side, but the Pelican Elite Cooler is built like a tank. (Which is probably why it comes with a lifetime warranty.) Boasting up to a 150-quart, 216-can capacity, the Elite Cooler will take anything you throw at it–or inside it, for that matter.

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