How much boost can a TD04 make?

How much boost can a TD04 make?

TD04 can safely boost to 18 psi or so (~ 1.24 bar). It’s not the most efficient though once you get up there.

How much HP can a TD04 handle?

A TD04 is basically only really good for stock to stage2 power. Even with a protune (pushing past stage 2 power), the turbo is limited and reliability goes way down.

How much boost can a stock 2.5 Subaru handle?

You can push to 8-10psi on stock internals ONLY if you’re running proper engine management.

How much boost can a td05 handle?

it is capable of raising its game to 2.0 bar.

What size is a td04 turbo?

so the td04 has a 3.2mm larger inducer blade diameter and nearly 4mm larger exducer diameter.

How much HP can a 20G turbo make?

About 475 crank HP. lbs/min.

What’s the difference between 16G and 20G turbo?

The 16g uses the TDO5H housing and was used on the EVO III’s, and the induction wheel isnt as big as the 20g wheel. The 20g turbo also uses a larger housing TDO6.

What’s the stage 2 of a TD04 engine?

The standard CT9 turbo runs out of puff at the 200bhp mark, however the standard engine is capable of pushing a touch more performance before the internals need changing to handle more power. Stage 2 is going to cover swapping out the standard CT9 turbocharger setup for a much bigger TD04L unit.

Which is better twin turbo or TD04 turbo?

Additionally, larger twin turbos may flow more air at lower PSI; stock turbos run about 23psi to produce 500whp while a larger TD04 turbo would make the same 500whp at less than 23psi. Running a turbo below its maximum limit will help with turbo reliability and longevity.

What kind of intercooler do I need for TD04?

With the majority of front mounted intercooler kits, all that is required is a 90deg alloy bend and 2 silicone joiners. This will vary though depending upon the intercooler kit you have and which turbo manifold you’ve chosen. Air Filter/New Mesh. The TD04’s intake is also much much bigger then that of the CT9.

How does a CT9 Turbo work on a TD04?

Both the CT9 and the TD04 are internal wastegated turbochargers, their boost levels are controlled by a spring loaded actuator which is connected to a flap that’s built into the design of the exhaust housing. When the desired boost limit is reached the flap opens and dumps excess exhaust gas down the exhaust, making the exhaust louder.