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How many ships are in the Battlestar Galactica fleet?

How many ships are in the Battlestar Galactica fleet?

Under the guardianship of Galactica, the Fleet comprises of 220 civilian ships. With the exception of Galactica, the ships are not capable of lightspeed flight. The Fleet’s overall speed is limited to that of the slowest ship within the group.

What is the name of the ship in Battlestar Galactica?

Battlestar Atlantia “Atlantia” is the traditional name of the flag ship of the Colonial fleet.

How many ships are in a Battlestar group?

These groups sometimes sport over twenty Battlestars, about fifty or so Escorts, and about twelve to twenty Support Ships depending on the mission.

What are the Cylon ships called?

A basestar (also called a baseship) is the Cylon’s capital warship and counterpart to the Colonial battlestar. Both biological and mechanical in nature, basestars are commanded by humanoid Cylons in a collaborative manner.

Did the battlestar Pegasus survive?

Along with Galactica, Pegasus was one of only two Colonial military vessels to survive the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, serving under the command of Admiral Helena Cain. It was destroyed two years later during the Exodus from New Caprica.

What happened Pegasus Battlestar?

How many vipers did Pegasus have?

It has much larger flight decks than Galactica, two on each side of the ship for a combined total of four flight decks. Pegasus had four fully operational squadrons of Vipers at the time it encountered Galactica, and automation systems that allowed the production of new Vipers to help replace Galactica’s losses.

What are the names of all the Battlestars?

Battlestar Galactica television episodes – In the 24 hours of the Battlestar Galactica series, only five battlestars are speficially mentioned. These are, in order of appearance: Galactica, Atlantia, Columbia, Pegasus and Rycon. There are three more mentioned in background from the pilot episode: Acropolis, Triton and Pacifica.

Who are the two remaining Battlestars of the Colonial Fleet?

The two remaining battlestars of the Colonial Fleet, Galactica and Pegasus (both manned by skeleton crews), orbit the planet and monitor for Cylon activity. A year after colonization, a Cylon fleet comprised of dozens of basestars finds the settlement.

What kind of ship does Battlestar Galactica have?

It is a small, FTL-capable ship that is dwarfed by the Battlestar Galactica; the ship can easily dock within one of Galactica ‘s flight pods. Colonial One can also land on and take off from a planetary surface.

What was the name of the Battlestar in the Second Cylon War?

The Columbia was one of the newer ships in the fleet, and was the first Battlestar to field Mk VII Vipers. It is reported as lost, along with the Battlestars Solaria and Triton, during the initial moments of the Second Cylon War .