How many shade of vampire books are there?

How many shade of vampire books are there?

91 Books
A Shade of Vampire Book Series (91 Books)

Why can’t I find a shade of vampire 92 on Amazon?

Book 92 – ALL NEW RELEASES ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED Due to some unforeseen publishing issues all of Bella’s additional releases have been temporarily suspended. Due to some unforeseen publishing issues all of Bella’s additional releases have been temporarily suspended.

How many pages is a shade of vampire?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781481280761
Publication date: 12/17/2012
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 13 – 17 Years

Does Sofia turn into a vampire?

Get humans to be treated with dignity and finally discover the cure for vampirism. Sofia is one of the few humans who are immune to vampirism. After giving birth to her twins, Sofia was taken to Cruor where she could be turned into a vampire.

Is there a shade of vampire 92?

A Dawn of Worlds (A Shade of Vampire, #92) by Bella Forrest.

What is the first book in the shade of vampire series?

Series List in Order

Order Title Date
1 A Shade of Vampire Dec-2012
2 A Shade of Blood Apr-2013
3 A Castle of Sand Jun-2013
4 A Shadow of Light Aug-2013

Has Darkhunt by Bella Forrest been released?

Release Date: August 8, 2020! Pre-order DARKHUNT now.

How many books will be in the Darklight series?

9 book
Darklight (9 book series) Kindle Edition.

What is the book Darklight about?

Darklight 2: Darkthirst2019Darklight 3: Darkworld2019

What is dark light book?

Is Bella Forrest self published?

Because Bella Forrest is a pen name for a self-publishing person that uses a variety of “ghostwriters” or people that don’t get credit for a novel even though they are writing it. This self publisher has released almost 100 books in about 5.5 years….do the math.

Who is the author of the shade of vampire?

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. The Shade of Vampire is a book series written by an American author, Bella Forest, who has demonstrated her artwork through paranormal subgenres and romance through a vampire.

Are there Any spinoffs to the shade of vampire series?

This series has a spinoff series with a whole new storyline: A Shade of Kiev. 1. Derek & Sofia’s story (Books 1-7) 2. Rose & Caleb’s story (Books 8-16) 3. The Shade continues with a new hero (Books 17-24)

Who are the main characters in shades of vampire?

Derek and Sofia feature in the first seven series of the Shades of Vampire as the main characters. The series define the set of unlikely events of the set heroes which revolves around the narration of the world.

Who are Derek and Sofia in a shade of vampire?

Derek and Sofia are f… The greatly anticipated conclusion to Derek and So… I never could have imagined that Derek and I would… Derek will rip Caleb’s heart out the moment he lay… “Tick tock. Tick tock…” Derek and Sofia return in… “We need to discover what the twins have. Before i… “Love. It’s a flickering flame. So easily swayed b…