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How many seats does Fokker 100 have?

How many seats does Fokker 100 have?

Fokker 100/Number of seats

How big is a Fokker 100?

A Fokker 100 provides seating for 109 passengers. The standard aircraft is 8.5m high, 35.53m long and has a wingspan of 28m.

How many Fokker 100s were built?

The Fokker 100 is a regional aircraft of which a total of 278 were built until 1996 by the Fokker Aircraft Company. A sophisticated flight deck and avionics, good performance, and low noise and engine emissions continue to make the Fokker 100 a versatile and cost-effective 100-seater.

Where is the Fokker 100 made?

the Netherlands
The Fokker 100 is a regional jet produced by Fokker in the Netherlands. The Fokker 100 is based on the Fokker F28 with a fuselage stretched by 18.8 ft (5.7 m) to seat up to 109 passengers, up from 85.

Do Fokker still make planes?

Fokker, founded in 1912, went bankrupt in 1996, but its aircraft have remained tireless workhorses of KLM – and many other airlines – since. The airline will also create a film and photo gallery of its final Fokker flight on October 28, when its last Fokker 70 touches down for the final time.

How fast is a Fokker 100?


Turbofans (2x) R-R Tay Mk 620-15 R-R Tay Mk 650-15
Max. cruise 845 km/h (525 mph, 456 kn), Mach 0.77
Range (max. PL) 2,450 km (1,323 nmi) 3,170 km (1,710 nmi)
Take-off (MTOW) 4,988 ft (1,520 m) 5,319 ft (1,621 m)
Service ceiling 35,000 ft (11,000 m)

Does Fokker still make planes?

Dutch aircraft company Fokker closed its doors in 1996, following almost a century of operation. Despite the company’s demise, many of its aircraft are still flying today.

How fast does a Fokker 100 fly?

Seat maps

Specification Measurement
Average cruise speed 845km/h (525 mph)
Cruise altitude 35,000ft
Maximum fuel capacity 13,365L/2,940 imp gal (3,531 US gal)
Range with full payload 1,710 nautical miles (3,170km; 1,970mi)

Are Fokker planes still made?

Since the 2000s, airlines have been retiring the aircraft, but large numbers remain in operation in Australia, with smaller numbers in Iran and various other countries. In July 2019, 101 aircraft remained in airline service, with 19 airlines around the world.

Why did Fokker fail?

In 1931, discontented at being totally subordinate to GM management, Fokker resigned. A serious blow to Fokker’s reputation came after the 1931 crash of a Transcontinental & Western Air Fokker F-10 in Kansas, when it became known that the crash was caused by a structural failure caused by wood rot.

What does Fokker mean in English?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFok‧ker /ˈfɒkə $ ˈfɑːkər/ trademark 1 a type of military aircraft used by the Germans in World War I and designed by Anthony Fokker (1890–1939), a Dutch aircraft designer who later moved to the US and made planes for the US aircraft industry → Junkers, Messerschmitt2 a …

What kind of airplane is the Fokker 100?

Fokker 100 is a medium-sized airplane that was created as well as produced by the Fokker Airplane Firm (FAC), the Netherlands. Presented in the 1980s, these airplanes have reduced operating expense and no competition and also are best-sellers in the category of 100 seats in that duration.

Who was the first customer for the Fokker 100?

In February 1988, the first deliveries of the Tay 620-15-powered versions started to Swissair. Major customers included American Airlines with 75 ordered, TAM Transportes Aéreos Regionais with 50, and USAir with 40, their aircraft powered by the more powerful Tay 650-15.

When did the Fokker 100EJ Executive Jet come out?

In 2003, a Fokker 100EJ (Executive Jet) variant was introduced, these were remanufactured aircraft produced by Fokker Services as conversions from used Fokker 100 airliners.