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How many premierships did Cyril Rioli win?

How many premierships did Cyril Rioli win?

four premierships
Cyril Rioli (born 14 July 1989) is a former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League. Rioli was a member of four premierships teams and the Norm Smith Medallist from the 2015 AFL Grand Final.

Who won the 2015 Norm Smith Medal?

Cyril Rioli
Norm Smith Medal

Year Player Club
2015 Cyril Rioli Hawthorn
2014 Luke Hodge Hawthorn
2013 Brian Lake Hawthorn
2012 Ryan O’Keefe Sydney Swans

What year did Cyril retire?

Cyril Rioli/Career end

What nationality is Cyril Rioli?

Cyril Rioli/Nationality

Is Cyril Rioli related to Daniel?

Personal life. He is the fourth in the Rioli family to play in the AFL, following in the footsteps of uncles, Dean and Maurice and cousin Cyril. He is also cousin to former Essendon player Michael Long.

Who kicked the first goal in the 2015 AFL Grand Final?

Luke Shuey
Luke Shuey kicked the first goal two minutes into the game from a free kick awarded against Jordan Lewis.

Has Gary Ablett Jr won a Norm Smith?

During his first stint at Geelong, Ablett won two premierships, two Carji Greeves Medals, a Geelong leading goalkicker award and the 2009 Brownlow Medal. He is also a life member of the club and has been inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame….

Gary Ablett Jr.
2018–2020 Geelong 55(59)
Total 357 (445)
Career highlights

How many players have won 2 Norm Smith medals?

Four players
Four players have won two medals: Hawks duo Gary Ayres (1986 and 1988) and Luke Hodge (2008 and 2014), Adelaide’s Andrew McLeod (1997 and 1998) and Martin (2017 and 2019).

Why did Cyril Rioli retire?

Rioli famously retired unexpectedly in 2018 at the age of 28 amid reports of a bitter falling out with president Jeff Kennett. Reports emerged in 2018 Sharryn had wanted to leave Melbourne and return to Darwin for some time before Kennett is reported to have made a joke.

How old is Cyril?

32 years (July 14, 1989)
Cyril Rioli/Age

Why was Cyril Rioli not in the 2014 Grand Final?

In 2014 Rioli had hamstring issues and missed most of the season, he was a surprise selection for the Grand Final. In 2015 Rioli was part of the Hawthorn three-peat and capped of the year with a Norm Smith Medal.

Why was Cyril Rioli awarded the Norm Smith Medal?

IN THE hottest ever Grand Final, Cyril Rioli was as hot as ever. Burning to play for his late cousin Fabian Brock, Rioli burned West Coast. Brock, who was shot dead in a Darwin suburb in June, was Rioli’s “driving force” in a Norm Smith medal performance dripping in surgical brilliance.

Who is the mother of Cyril Rioli of Richmond?

His mother Kathy is the sister of Essendon two-time premiership player and 1993 Norm Smith Medallist Michael Long. Another former footballer, Dean Rioli, is his cousin. After the 2015 season his nephew Daniel was drafted to the Richmond Football Club.

Who are the parents of Cyril Rioli football player?

Family background. Born to Cyril Jr. and Kathy in 1989, Rioli comes from a bloodline of talented footballers. His father Cyril Jr. was a champion footballer in the Northern Territory and the brother of the late Richmond Norm Smith Medallist Maurice Rioli. Cyril Jr. played for Northern Territory Football League club St Mary’s,…