How many missions are in Legacy of the Void epilogue?

How many missions are in Legacy of the Void epilogue?

three mission
Into the Void is a three mission epilogue campaign taking place after the end of the main Legacy of the Void campaign.

Is Legacy of the Void campaign Good?

It’s a formula that has worked many times for Blizzard before, but Legacy of the Void is that formula at its most depressing, its most inhuman. Time to talk about the real-time strategy missions that are squeezed inside the inanity. And they’re pretty good stuff, if by now fairly familiar.

Are the Sc2 campaigns worth it?

Sc2 is the best game ever made in my opinion, if you liked warcraft this is just simply better. The missions are a lot of fun and there are enough achievements within them to keep you (re-)playing them for a while. Definitely worth buying. Yes.. it’s a fun campaign for the money.

Where do the epilogue missions take place in Starcraft 2?

The Epilogue Missions take place after the main game, and each one you play a different one of the races. Finishing these will reveal the final ending. Was this guide helpful? With Friends Like These… Going, Going, Gorgon! Mastery Achievement

Are there Star Wars squadrons in legacy of the void?

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When do Zeratul missions start in Starcraft 2?

The Tychus missions can be started after completing the Mar Sara missions. The Tosh missions can be started after completing a total of 4 missions. The Horner missions can be started after completing a total of 6 missions. The Zeratul missions can be started after completing The Dig. These missions are played as the Protoss.

What do you need to do into the void?

Into the Void. Requires you to complete the mission on any difficulty level. This House is Clean. Destroy all void corruptions. A rather simple task. Simply clean the whole map of enemy buildings and units before attacking Amon. Swift Execution. Complete the mission before the sixth void thrasher appears on the normal difficulty level.