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How many lifetime hits does Joey Votto have?

How many lifetime hits does Joey Votto have?

Votto is a six-time MLB All-Star, a seven-time Tip O’Neill Award winner, and two-time Lou Marsh Trophy winner as Canada’s athlete of the year. In 2010, he won the National League (NL) MVP Award and the NL Hank Aaron Award….

Joey Votto
Hits 2,007
Home runs 323
Runs batted in 1,049

What is Joey Votto’s current batting average?

MLB Career Stats

6639 .302 .936

How old is Joey Votto?

37 years (September 10, 1983)
Joey Votto/Age
Canadian Joey Votto, the 37-year-old Cincinnati Reds first baseman who has been on a tear since the all-star break, got the 2,000th hit of his career on Monday with a single in the seventh inning of his team’s 14-5 win over the Chicago Cubs.

What is Joey Votto salary?

20 million USD (2016)
Joey Votto/Salary

How long is Joey Votto under contract?

Votto was signed to a 10-year/$225M contract that’s not set to expire until after the 2023 season. Votto also has an $20M option for the 2024 season with a $7M buyout. Props to his agent by the way, and in no way can anybody be mad at Votto.

Who has the most hits in MLB 2021?

MLB Stat Leaders 2021

Hits H
1 David FletcherLAA 147
4 Cedric MullinsBAL 146
5 Whit MerrifieldKC 143
Complete Leaders

Who is the highest paid Reds player?

Joey Votto
Joey Votto remains the Reds’ highest-paid player at $25 million this season. Votto, now 37, signed a $225 million, 10-year contract before the 2014 season and makes $25 million in each of the last six years of that deal through the 2023 season. Votto is MLB’s 21st-highest paid player this season.

What is Joey Votto’s nationality?

Joey Votto Early Life. He was born on September 10, 1983, in Toronto, Ontario, and he developed in Etobicoke , a district in the west end of Toronto. He is of Canadian nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Is Joey Votto hurt?

Joey Votto out of Cincinnati Reds lineup with a tight hamstring. Joey Votto injured his hamstring going from first to third in Monday’s early game against the Pirates .

What position does Joey Votto play?

Joey Votto. Joseph Daniel Votto (born September 10, 1983) is a Canadian professional baseball first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball (MLB). He made his MLB debut with the Reds in 2007.

What happened to Joey Votto?

Jose fell off a cliff in 2017 (79 OPS+), Votto fell off a cliff in 2019 (73 OPS+) About the same age too, Jose just a year older when he fell off. Always thought Votto would have been the one to age better.