How long is Stefan Frei out for?

How long is Stefan Frei out for?

Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Frei, who has missed the past two matches after suffering a sprained left knee in a match May 12, will be out indefinitely after developing a blood clot as a complication related to the injury, coach Brian Schmetzer said Friday.

Is Stefan Frei married?

He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and two dogs on Bainbridge Island, where he is building a home in Blakely Harbor.

Where is Stefan Frei from?

Altstätten, Switzerland
Stefan Frei/Place of birth

How much does Stefan Frei make?

500,000 USD (2021)
Stefan Frei/Salary

What’s wrong with Nicolas Lodeiro?

“Nico Lodeiro had arthroscopic surgery yesterday to deal with his lingering inflammation in his knee joint. It was a successful surgery, everything went well, Nico’s doing great,” Schmetzer said. Nicolás Lodeiro underwent right knee arthroscopy to deal with lingering inflammation.

Who is the Seattle Sounders goalie?

Stefan Frei
Stefan ClevelandSpencer RicheyAndrew Thomas
Seattle Sounders FC/Goal keepers

Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Stefan Cleveland channels mentor Stefan Frei, comes up clutch against Austin FC. For the first two and a half matches of Stefan Cleveland’s time in goal for the Seattle Sounders, he didn’t have much to worry about.

What is Jordan Morris salary?

Sounders 2021 salaries

Player Position 2020 Base salary
Player Position 2020 Base salary
Jordan Morris F $1,000,000.00
Fredy Montero F $1,048,000.00
Joao Paulo Mior M $1,000,000.00

How much do Seattle Sounders players make?

Sounders 2021 salaries

Player Position 2020 Base salary
Player Position 2020 Base salary
Stefan Frei GK $500,000.00
Ethan Dobbelaere M $63,547.00
Jordy Delem M-D $160,000.00

Is Jordan Morris injured?

Jordan Morris provided an update to his rehab from knee surgery, as well as a timeline to his return to the field in an interview during the FOX broadcast of the Seattle Sounders’ 1-1 draw with Atlanta United Sunday. “I think it’s pretty similar to the last one — eight to 10 months is what they’re saying,” Morris said.

What is Clint Dempsey doing now?

Speaking with a thick southern drawl akin to his east Texas roots, Dempsey and his wife Bethany currently live in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

How much does Will Bruin make?

90,000 USD (2012)
Will Bruin/Salary